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CordySeng 50 grams

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Product Description

Health Concerns CordySeng Cordyceps-Reisi-Ginseng 50 grams

What CordySeng is Best For

CordySeng may be used for the following:

Western symptoms

  • Supports normal immune function
  • Fatigue

TCM Function

  • Tonifies Qi and yin
  • Strengthens lung, spleen, stomach, and kidney

How CordySeng Work

Cordyceps helps support normal immune functions. Red ganoderma helps boost immunity. Astragalus root reduces inflammation and licorice root helps dispel phlegm.

CordySeng Serving Size

1/4 teaspoon, one to three times per day, between meals stirred in hot water.

CordySeng Ingredients

Proprietary Blend (1.2g. per serving) of: Cordyceps fruiting body, Ganoderma (reishi) fruiting body, Astragalus root extract, American Ginseng root extract, Licorice root extract, Ginger root extract.
Pin Yin: Dong Chong Xia Cao, Ling Zhi, Huang Qi, Xi Yang Shen, Gan Cao, Gan Jiang.

CordySeng Side Effects

Not intended for use by pregnant women.

CordySeng Where to Buy

CordySeng product is available only from licensed healthcare professionals. Buy CordySeng Online here at or our clinic.