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Man Yue Mei Clearing (previously Akebia Moist Heat) 90 capsules

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Product Description

Man Yu Mei Clearing (Akebia Moist Heat Replacement)

Unit Size: 90 capsules, 650mg

Dosage: Internal: 3 capsules, TID, between meals For acute conditions, 3 capsules every 4 hours

Contraindications: Man Yue Mei Clearing (formerly known as Akebia Moist Heat) is a shortterm formula. Weak patients may need a tonic along with the formula.

Chinese Symptomology: Dampness - Lower Burner; Fire Toxin - Lower Burner

Western Symptomology: Urinary Tract Infection; Pelvic Inflammatory Disease; Prostatitis; Cystitis, Vaginitis; Bladder Stone; Painful Urination

Actions: Clears Fire and Toxins in the Lower Burner; Drains Dampness

Chinese name: Ba Zheng San


Therapeutic Actions

  1. Treats urinary tract infection or inflammation accompanied by frequent and painful urination.
  2. Relieves factors related to bladder stones, kidney infection, painful or difficult urination, pelvic inflammatory disease, and prostatitis, cystitis, vaginitis.

Chinese Therapeutic Effects

  • Clears fire and toxins in the lower burner
  • Drains dampness (diuretic)

Formula Rationale

Cranberry (man yue mei) enters the kidney, bladder, and large intestine; it promotes urination and drains heat. Corn silk (yu mi xi), Indian plantain (che qian zi), and uva ursi (xiong guo) relieve damp heat and assist in passing stones. Magnesium is an electrolyte and plays a critical role in kidney detoxification; it can reduce the risk of forming kidney stones. Garlic (da suan) resolves toxicity, strengthens the spleen, and reduces stagnation. Japanese knotweed (hu zhang) treats heat and supports the bladder, kidneys, and liver. Achyranthes (niu xi) invigorates the blood and Qi.

Gardenia (zhi zi) is one of the premier heat-clearing herbs in the Materia Medica; it also treats irritability, restlessness, and insomnia. Licorice (gan cao) is included for its harmonizing and detoxification actions. Costus (mu xiang) was added to the classic Ba Zheng San formula by ancient herbalist Zhu Dan Xi, to strengthen the transforming function of the bladder meridian. Chinese rhubarb (zhi da huang), removes heat through the stool.

Clinical Notes

  1. Practitioners report this formula to be very effective in treating urinary tract infections. Formula should be continued at a reduced dosage for 1 to 2 weeks after symptoms are alleviated.
  2. May be useful for lung inflammation, or inflammation associated with emotional stress.


  • man yue mei - Cranberry fruit*
  • yu mi xi - Corn silk
  • che qian zi - Indian Plantain seed husk
  • xiong guo - Uva-Ursi leaf*
  • hu zhang - Japanese Knotwood root
  • da suan - Garlic bulb*
  • niu xi - Achyranthes root*
  • zhi zi - Gardenia fruit*
  • pu gong ying - Dandelion root*
  • gan cao - Licorice root*
  • mu xiang - Costus root*
  • zhi da huang - Chinese Rhubarb rhizome*