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Postpartum 270 capsules

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Product Description

Health Concerns Postpartum Qi & Jing Herbal Supplement

Postpartum, also known as Pa-Chen-Tang,tonifies the spleen qi, invigorates blood and dispels stasis, tonifies blood, stops deficiency bleeding, nourishes jing (kidney essence), and helps with pain.

What Postpartum is Best For

Postpartum may be used for the following:

Western symptoms

  • Post-partum fatigue
  • Post-partum menstruation
  • Tonic formula-nourish blood
  • Tonic formula-tonify Qi

TCM Functions

  • Tonify Spleen Qi
  • Invigorate Blood and Dispels Stasis
  • Tonify Blood
  • Stop Deficiency Bleeding
  • Nourish Jing (Kidney Essence)
  • Helps with Pain

How Postpartum Works

Postpartum by Health Concerns Chinese Herbs was designed by Dr. Jake Fratkin and used successfully in his clinic. It is primarily for postpartum normalization of the uterus, and to replenish Qi and jing lost during labor. Its foundation is Eight Treasures Decoction (Ba Zhen Tang), the classic formula for tonification of Qi and blood. To this has been added astragalus (huang qi) to reinforce the building of Qi and blood, and artemisia (ai ye) to arrest deficiency bleeding, and crataegus (shan zha) to treat abdominal pain. Three herbs, Red Root Sage (dan shen), leonurus (yi mu cao), and rubia (qian cao gen) are used synergistically to invigorate blood, dispel stasis and expel the placenta. They also act to contract the uterus and return it to normal size.

Postpartum Serving Size

3 count, three times a day, between meals
270 count, 750 mg, 30 day supply

Postpartum Ingredients

Proprietary Blend (750 mg. per tablet) of: Ginseng root, Astragalus root, Rehmannia (cooked) root, Salvia root, Poria sclerotium, Leonurus herb, Tang Kuei root, White Peony root, Ho-shou-Wu root, White Atractylodes rhizome, Ligusticum root, Crataegus fruit, Rubia fruit, Citrus peel, Artemesia leaf, Licorice root.

Other Ingredients: Vegetable Gum, Silicon Dioxide, Stearic Acid, Cellulose.

Pin Yin: Ren Shen, Huang Qi, Shu Di Huang, Dan Shen, Fu ling, Yi Mu Cao, Dang Gui, Bai Shao, He Shou Wi, Bai Zhu, Chuan Xiong, Shan Zha, Qian Cao Gen, Chen Pi, Ai Ye, Gan Cao.

Postpartum Side Effects

  • Heavy bleeding
  • Deficiency Heat syndrome‚ with night sweating‚ hot soles and palms

Postpartum Where to Buy

Postpartum product is available only from licensed healthcare professionals. Buy Postpartum Online here at or our clinic.