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Quiet Digestion 90 capsules

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Product Description

About Quiet Digestion

Quiet Digestion, also known as Curing and Bo He Wan (modified), supports normal digestive function. This patent formula based on traditional Chinese medicine is used for gastrointestinal issues and distress. Curing is one of the most famous traditional Chinese medicine and often used for food poisoning, motion sickness, overeating, and hangover - it is considered a great remedy to travel with - especially in a different country.

Western Symptoms

  • Hiccup
  • Hangover
  • Bloating
  • Food Poisoning
  • Flatulence
  • Dizziness - Stomach phlegm
  • Diarrhea - With virus, bacteria, fungus
  • Nausea
  • Belching
  • Poor Appetite
  • Indigestion
  • Supports normal fertility
  • Vomiting
  • Erratic stools
  • Stomach ache, indigestion
  • Poor digestion / Relieve congestion at the center - intestinal flu with diarrhea
  • Motion sickness
  • Abdominal Distension
  • Abdominal pain and cramping
  • Effects of jet lag
  • Difficulty absorbing food

TCM Function

  • Disperse wind and dampness
  • Resolve spleen dampness and regulate the stomach
  • Resolve phlegm

How it works

Quiet Digestion by Health Concerns Chinese Herbs is based on a successful patent formula (Pill Curing) and Bo He Wan, for gastrointestinal distress, including indigestion and vomiting.

The primary ingredient in Quiet Digestion is Shen Qu, which is composed of fermented herbs that are rich in enzymatic activity.

Angelica (bai zhi) expels wind, stops headaches, and relieves body aches.

Pueraria (ge gen), and poria (fu ling) supplement the spleen and eliminate dampness.

Vladimiria souliei (mu xiang), and magnolia (hou po), regulate stomach qi, relieves nausea and vomiting, and dry dampness.

Oryza (gu ya), hawthorn berry (shan zha) and millet sprout (su ya) strengthen the spleen, regulate digestion, and disperse food mass.

Radish seed (lai fu zi) transforms phlegm, reduces food stagnation and promotes the flow of qi in the lungs, spleen and large intestines.

Citrus peel (chen pi) lifts and regulates spleen qi, dries dampness. Red Atractylodes (cang zhu) dries dampness and strengthens spleen, eliminates wind-dampness.

Cardamom fruit & seed (sha ren) warms the middle jiao, promotes qi circulation, transforms dampness, stops vomiting.

Red Date fruit (da zao) tonifies spleen qi, nourishes blood, and calms shen.

Ginger root (gan jiang) warms the middle jiao, expels interior cold, resolves dampness, transforms phlegm.

Serving Size

2 capsules between meals or 1 to 2 capsules before and/or after meals to help food absorb. In acute conditions take every two hours.

90 capsules, 750 mg, 22 day supply

Is free of allergens and additives. Now Gluten-Free.


Proprietary Blend (750 mg. per capsule) of: Poria sclerotium (fu ling), Radish seed (lai fu zi), Oryza sprout (gu ya), Millet sprout (su ya), Magnolia bark (hou po), Angelica root (bai zhi), Pueraria root (ge gen), Citrus peel (chen pi), Red Atractylodes rhizome (cang zhu), Saussurea lappa root (mu xiang), Hawthorn berry (shan zha), Cardamom fruit and seed (sha ren), Red date fruit (da zao), Ginger root (gan jiang)
Other Ingredients: Vegetable Gum, Silicon Dioxide, Stearic Acid, Cellulose.
Pin Yin: Fu Ling, Yi Yi Re, Shen Qu, Hou Po, Bai Zhi, Ge Gen, Cang Zhu, Mu Xiang, Huo Xiang, Gu Ya, Tian Hua Fen, Ju Hua, Chi Shi Zhi, Ju Hong.


  • If constipation results, reduce Serving Size.

About the Manufacturer

Health Concerns was founded by TCM practitioner and scholar Dr. Andrew Gaeddert with a vision to combine the best of traditional herbal knowledge with modern nutritional research. Keeping the needs of the modern patient in mind, classic Chinese formulas have been adapted for greater potency and convenience.