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Sound Tendon 150 grams

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Product Description

Sound Tendon 150 Grams

Product Description

Sound Tendon 150 Grams

BrandHerbsmith Veterinarian Formulas - Small Animal
English name
Unit Size150 Grams
IngredientsYin Yang Huo / horney goat weed - Sang Zhi / Mulberry Vine - Dang Gui Tuo / Angelica Sinensis, head - Bai Shao Yao / White Peony Root - Chuan Niu Xi / Cyathulae - Chuan Xiong / Ligusticum
Szechuan Lovage Rhizome - Gou Qi Zi / Lycium Berries - Gui Zhi / Cinnamomi Cassiae - Shan Zhu Yu / Cornus Fruit - Wu Jia Pi / Acanthopanax Root Bark - Bu Gu Zhi / Psoralea Fruit -

Indications:Tendon and ligament injuries

Chinese Theory:
The liver controls the sinews such as tendons, ligaments, and fibrous tissue. The liver is analagous to a normal green tree with strength and yet pliablility to withstand the forces of the environment. The tree needs to have strength to support and yet have flexibility to bend with the wind. Sinews, tendons and ligaments, are similar. They need to have strength to support the body but have flexibility to bend and support the concussive forces placed upon them.

When the liver yin or liver blood become deficient the sinews become brittle like a dried out tree. The brittleness to the structures doesn't allow for the flexibility needed in motion and can lend towards tearing of fibers. The herbs in Sound Tendon tonify liver yin and blood to restore strength and resilience.

Treatment Principles: Tonifies liver yin, nourishes liver blood, and strengthen sinews

Suggested Use:

For Dogs:
15 lbsaa.+ tsp. twice a day,
15-30 lbs..........+ tsp. twice a day,
31-80 lbs.......1 tsp. twice a day,
81-120 lbs.....1 + tsp. twice a day,
120 lbs........2 tsp. twice a day,

For Cats........+ tsp. twice a day,