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Minor Bupleurum Formula 42 packets (H09)

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Product Description

Honso Minor Bupleurum Formula

What Minor Bupleurum Formula is best for:

Minor Bupleurum may be used for the following symptoms:

  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Appetite-Lacking

TCM Functions

  • Regulates "Shao Yang" stage disorders
  • Supports normal liver function

How Minor Bupleurum Formula works:

Chai hu, the chief herb, combined with the deputy herb huang qin, vent the pathogenic influence and release the half exterior aspects in the lesser yang stage.

The assistant herb, ban xia, warms and transforms phlegm and turbidity in the middle burner, and the other assistant herb, sheng jiang harmonize the middle burner to stop nausea and vomiting.

Ren shen, zhi gan cao and da zao support middle burner qi and thereby prevent the pathogenic influence from penetrating into the interior.

Zhi gan cao

Based on the combination of these herbs, this formula can regulate lesser yang-stage disorders.

Minor Bupleurum Formula Serving Size

Take 1 packet, three times a day.

Minor Bupleurum Formula Ingredients

Pin YinEnglishPercentage
Chai HuBupleurum29.16%
Ban XiaPinellia20.83%
Huang QinScutellaria12.5%
Da Zao (Red)Jujube - dates(Red)12.5%
Ren ShenGinseng12.5%
Gan CaoLicorice8.39%
Sheng JiangGinger (Fresh)4.17%