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MycoBrew Cocoa Drink 10 packets 15 grams

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Product Description

MycoBrew Cocoa Drink

Unit Size: Ten 0.5oz (15g) Packets. 5oz (150g) Net


A superfood blend of organic Lion's Mane and fair trade cocoa, this delicious, chocolaty-tasting blend is sweetened with coconut sugar and has subtle hints of toffee. Settle in with a hot mug and top with marshmallows for a timeless treat.


Cocoa†‡, coconut sugar†‡, Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus) mycelium†/fermented brown rice biomass†, sea salt.

Certified Organic

Fair Trade Certified by Fair Trade USA | 95% Fair Trade Certified Ingredients

800 milligrams Lion's Mane per serving.