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Stamets 7 120 capsules

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Product Description

About Stamets 7

Stamets 7 is a Host Defense Mushrooms blend of seven mushrooms that have been specifically selected for their immune-boosting qualities. The formula provides daily immune support and also promotes the natural modulation of blood sugar for individuals already within normal range glucose levels. The product has also been created to give the body sufficient support to adapt to environmental, mental, and physical stress factors.

Besides, Stamets 7 encourages the day-to-day maintenance of the immune function while it may also be used as a functional food multiple for maintaining optimal health and peak performance.

How Stamets 7 Works

The manufacturer designed a blend of mushrooms that contains a total of seven general-immunity-supporting species. The formula uses certified organic and activated mycelium that has been freeze-dried and heat-treated. It also combines the mycelium with a full spectrum of other compounds, including myco-nutrients, triterpenoids, ergosterols, glycoproteins, and polysaccharides (cordycepic acid, galactose, xylose, glucose, arabinoxylan, and beta-glucans). All these are known for encouraging and strengthening natural immunity.

The mycelium used in the formula is harvested at just the right time (at the peak of growth) when the plant is producing the largest amount of ingredients. For many species, this specific harvest time is when the organism forms baby fruitbodies (aka primordia).

Mycelium grown on organic brown rice vs. on fruitbodies – The secret behind it

Mushroom mycelium is a great health-supporting compound that needs a food source (aka substrate) to eat and grow through. The selected substrate must be able to provide the essential nutrients the mushroom mycelium requires. Host Defense Mushrooms has chosen to use organic brown rice as a means to produce the best compounds from mushroom mycelium. That aside, though, mycelium-expressed enzymes break down the rice bran and form compounds known as arabinoxylans that provide antioxidant support and other immune benefits. That way, the brown rice is “cultured” by the mycelium and turns itself into a reservoir of arabinoxylans and other key health-fostering ingredients.

It becomes apparent that producing mycelium using a quality food source like organic brown rice only adds more health benefits to an already nutrient-loaded and health-promoting food. It should also be noted that when the mushroom mycelium is processed and produced properly, it contains a huge array of compounds, including polysaccharides, antioxidants, prebiotics, and enzymes to support immunity.

Why Capsules?

The manufacturer, Host Defense Mushrooms, encases the powders in a plant-based pullulan capsule to help keep the natural chemical architecture of the mushrooms intact. For individuals interested in a whole foods approach to health, Host Defense Mushrooms believes that the thousands of nutrients and compounds within the fungal organism as a whole are beneficial to the immune system. This is why the company does not concentrate its powdered formulas or isolate any specific compound.

Stamets 7 Ingredients

The formula contains the following compounds:

Royal Sun Blazei (143 mg)

Reishi (143 mg)

Mesima (143 mg)

Chaga (143 mg)

Lion’s Mane (143 mg)

Maitake (143 mg)

Cordyceps (143 mg)

Other ingredients: Pullulan and dried myceliated brown rice.

Stamets 7 Side Effects and Known Contraindications

You will find all reported side effects (if any) and contraindications on the side panel of each Host Defense Mushrooms carton or bottle. It is strongly advised to consult your health practitioner before taking the formula if you are taking prescription drugs, including insulin medications and blood thinners. It is also recommended to speak to your doctor prior to taking the product if you have a medical condition or are having surgery.

Although the manufacturer’s mushroom formulas are not tied to any toxicity levels, it is suggested not to exceed the recommended daily dosage (see serving suggestion) without speaking with your healthcare professional first.

Important Notes:

  • The recommended dosage is two (2) capsules once a day unless otherwise instructed by your healthcare advisors.

  • The formula can be taken on an empty stomach or with food unless your doctor instructs otherwise.

  • The product is not intended to prevent, treat, cure, or diagnose any illness or disease. Consult your healthcare professional if you have health concerns for treatment and diagnosis options.

About the Stamets 7 Manufacturer

Host Defense Mushrooms is a family-owned company that promotes the cultivation of supreme quality medicinal and gourmet mushrooms. Since 1980, the manufacturer of mushroom-based formulas has been developing new technologies and global-wide markets for gourmet mushrooms and products that support the immune system. Host Defense Mushrooms has realized that fungi play a vital role in a wide range of industries as they are also instrumental in the recycling of agricultural and wood products, among others. Besides, the brand manufactures formulas that target a wide range of health conditions, providing key nutrients and compounds so the body can work optimally.

Some of its best-sellers are immune-balancing and supporting MyCommunity, mental clarity and cognition-boosting Lion’s Mane, brain health and acuity-enhancing MyBotanicals Brain Energy Powder, respiratory health-fostering Breathe, and MycoShield Spray that supports natural immunity like its Stamets 7 sibling.