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Alpha-Glycosyl Isoquercitrin 60 veggie capsules

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Product Description

Integrative Therapeutics Alpha-Glycosyl Isoquercitrin

Alpha-Glycosyl Isoquercitrin is a bioavailable form of quercetin is part of Integrative Therapeutics Antioxidants product line.

What Alpha-Glycosyl Isoquercetrin is Best For

Alpha-Glycosyl Isoquercetrin is recommended for people with seasonal histamine release.

Alpha-Glycosyl Isoquercetrin may be used for the following:

  • Supports cellular antioxidant defenses*
  • Supports cardiovascular health*
  • Helps modulate the body’s immune-response mechanisms*

How Alpha-Glycosyl Isoquercetrin Works

Quercetin, a flavonol present in various vegetables and herbal medicines, has numerous beneficial biological activities including supporting healthy cell proliferation, cardiovascular and immune function, and anti-oxidative activities.*

Superior Bioavailability

Alpha-Glycosyl Isoquercitrin provides the benefits of the flavonoid quercetin with better absorption and superior bioavailability.* Isoquercitrin and isoquercetin are forms of quercetin with a glucoside side chain that enhances bioavailability.

Because Alpha-Glycosyl Isoquercitrin is actively and rapidly absorbed, it reaches peak plasma levels in 15 minutes.

Quercetin as a Foundational Flavonoid

Quercetin possesses potent properties to scavenge free radicals, promote DNA integrity, and support cellular regulation.* Quercetin has also been studied for its support of healthy glutathione levels.* Quercetin is a foundational structure of many fl avonoids, including rutin, hesperidin, and isoquercitrin. The quercetin ring structure also occurs as part of larger fl avonoid molecules, such as hyperosides in St. Johns wort or fl avone glycosides in Ginkgo. Quercetin aglycone is the type of quercetin most typically used in supplements because it is the easiest to produce from rutin. However, this form of quercetin rarely occurs in nature and is not actively absorbed (but rather is passively diffused) at the absorptive surfaces in the small intestine.

Quercetin Glucosides,

The Predominant Form In nature, quercetin occurs predominantly in the glucoside form, usually with the glucoside chain at the 3’ or 4’ position. Apples and onions are among the richest dietary sources of quercetin glucosides, notably the quercetin- 3-monoglucosides, isoquercitrin, and isoquercetin.

Isoquercitrin and isoquercetin are terms that are sometimes used interchangeably, even by specialists, because the two molecules are very similar in structure. The difference between them is that isoquercitrin has a glucofuranose ring structure, whereas isoquercetin has a glucopyranose ring structure. Functionally, the two molecules are nearly indistinguishable. Quercetin glucosides are also more quickly absorbed, at approximately double the rate of quercetin, and up to ten times more quickly than rutin.

Quercetin Absorption

Quercetin glucosides, such as isoquercitrin and isoquercetin, have been shown to be much more bioavailable and more quickly absorbed than quercetin aglycone or quercetin glycosides, such as rutin (quercetin rutinoside).1-5 These quercetin glucosides have been shown to be more highly bioavailable than the smaller quercetin aglycone or the larger quercetin glycosides such as rutin (quercetin rutinoside).

Alpha-Glycosyl Isoquercetrin Serving Size

Take 1 capsule one to three times daily, or as recommended by your healthcare professional.

Alpha-Glycosyl Isoquercitrin Ingredients

Serving Size: 1 Veg Capsule Amount/Serving %DV
Alpha-Glycosyl Isoquercitrin 33 mg **

Other Ingredients cellulose, vegetable capsule (modified cellulose), modified cellulose gum, and silicon dioxide.

Alpha-Glycosyl Isoquercitrin Does Not Contain artificial coloring, artificial flavoring, dairy products, gluten, ingredients of animal origin, preservatives, salt, soy, sugar, wheat, and yeast

If pregnant, nursing, consult your healthcare practitioner prior to use.

Alpha-Glycosyl Isoquercetrin Side Effects

Consult your healthcare provider.

Alpha-Glycosyl Isoquercetrin Where to Buy

Alpha-Glycosyl Isoquercetrin product is available only from licensed healthcare professionals. Buy Alpha-Glycosyl Isoquercetrin Online here at or our clinic.