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Product Description

About B12-Active

B12-Active is a chewable form of vitamin B12 providing 1000mcg of methylcobalamin per tablet. Methylcobalamin is the active, easily absorbed form of vitamin B12. It works by helping to produce red blood cells and maintain healthy nerve tissue. B12-Active may provide the following key benefits: - Increases vitamin B12 levels efficiently - Supports energy levels and reduces fatigue - Maintains healthy nervous system function - Helps produce red blood cells Many people have less-than-optimal levels of vitamin B12. Reasons for deficiency include poor diet, medication use, digestive issues, and more. B12 deficiency can lead to fatigue, memory issues, and other concerns. B12-Active provides an optimal dose of the active B12 form methylcobalamin. It comes in a convenient chewable tablet that dissolves quickly for fast nutrient absorption and utilization.

Potential Benefits

  • Increases vitamin B12 levels efficiently
  • Supports healthy energy levels
  • Maintains nervous system health
  • Helps produce red blood cells


IngredientAmount Per Serving% Daily ValueBenefit
Vitamin B-12 (as methylcobalamin)1 mg16,667%Active form of vitamin B12 for efficient absorption and utilization

Other Ingredients: fructose, mannitol, cellulose, magnesium stearate, and natural flavor.

Free of:artificial coloring, artificial flavoring, dairy products, gluten, ingredients of animal origin, preservatives, salt, soy, sucrose, wheat, yeast

Dosage & How to Take

Take 1 tablet daily; chew and dissolve in the mouth before swallowing, or as recommended by your healthcare professional.

Side Effects

B12-Active is generally well tolerated. Consult your healthcare provider about any concerns.

About the Manufacturer

Integrative Therapeutics is a leading manufacturer of high quality dietary supplements located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. They partner exclusively with healthcare professionals to improve patient health through evidence-based nutrition.

Using a science-first approach and rigorous research, Integrative Therapeutics has created over 100 targeted formulations. Their products span key areas including cell health, cognitive support, detox & clearance, essentials, GI support, immune support, men’s & women’s health, sleep enhancement, stress solutions, and joint & muscle performance.

Integrative Therapeutics prioritizes safety, purity, and potency in all their products which are made following Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP).

Looking to increase your B12 levels and energy? Give B12-Active chewable tablets a try today.

FAQs About B12-Active

What is methylcobalamin?

Methylcobalamin is the active, easily absorbed and bioavailable form of vitamin B12 used by the body. It does not require conversion unlike some other forms such as cyanocobalamin.

What does vitamin B12 do in the body?

Vitamin B12 plays important roles in producing red blood cells, maintaining healthy nervous system function, support energy levels, and more. Many processes rely on adequate B12 levels.

Why choose a chewable form of B12?

The chewable tablet form allows for quick dissolution and absorption of the B12. This allows it to enter the bloodstream faster than capsules or tablets that need to be broken down first.

How much methylcobalamin is in one tablet?

Each B12-Active tablet provides 1000 mcg of methylcobalamin, which is over 16,000% of the Daily Value.

When is the best time to take B12-Active?

B12-Active can be taken any time of day. It’s best taken on an empty stomach such as first thing in the morning or between meals.

Are there any side effects or interactions?

B12 is considered very safe but consult your healthcare provider about any concerns. Those with Leber’s disease should not take B12 supplements.

Where can I buy B12-Active? is an authorized retailer of Integrative Therapeutics products. You can buy B12-Active here online or at our clinic location in Atlanta.

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