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Damp Heat Derma Relief 300 tablets

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Product Description

Damp Heat Derma Relief, 300 tablets

Unit Size

300 tablets, (500mg)


Varies, depending on the animal's sensitivity to the herbs, condition classification as acute or chronic, and animal compliance with formula administration. Consult a veterinary professional or the Kan Essentials website for final dosage selection.


Should not be used during pregnancy. If the animal is reacting adversely to the current dosage, stop administration for 1 or 2 days, then resume at a lower dosage. If no effects (desired or adverse) are observed at this low dosage, increase gradually.

Chinese Symptomology

Heat intolerance; weight gains

Western Symptomology

Cystitis; halitosis; purulent discharges; yeast infections; inflammations; allergic dermatitis


Drains Damp Heat accumulation.

Chinese name

Long Dan Er Miao San

English name

Damp Heat Derma Relief, 300 tablets


Dispel Damp Heat accumulation.


Sheng Di Huang (raw rehmannia root);Long Dan Cao (chinese gentian root);Ze Xie (asian water plantain rhizome);Bao Mu Fu Shen (poria with wood root);Che Qian Zi (plantain seed);Zhi Zi (Shan) (gardenia fruit);Sang Ye (white mulberry leaf);Di Fu Zi (kochia fruit);Bai Xian Pi (dictamnus root);Chi Shao (chinese red peony root);Mu Dan Pi (tree peony bark);Huang Qin (chinese skullcap root);Huang Bai (phellodendron bark);Dang Gui Shen (dong quai root);Chai Hu (bupleurum root);Gan Cao (chinese licorice root);Cang Zhu (cang-zhu atractylodes rhizome)

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