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Angelica and Eucommia Support 60 tablets

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Angelica & Eucommia Support (60 tablets)

Unit Size60 tablets
Dosage2-3 tablets, 2-3 times per day
ContraindicationsKidney yin vacuity with Heat signs
Chinese SymptomologyLow back pain, sciatica, pain in the lumbar area. Aversion to Cold. Weakened tendons due to overwork or excessive exercise
ActionsSupplements Kidney Yang, disperses Blood stasis, warms the channels and disperses Wind Cold Damp impediment
PatternKidney Yang vacuity, Blood stasis, Wind Cold Damp impediment
TonguePale, reddish-purple, thin white coat or none
PulseFine, wiry and possibly choppy
BranchKidney, Liver
RecommendationsComplementary acupuncture points: UB11, 23, 52, 62 and 40; Kidney 3; Small Intestine 3; Conception Vessel 4
Chinese nameyao tong pian
English nameAngelica & Eucommia Support (60 tablets)


Angelica and Eucommia Support Formula is designed to treat low back pain due to Kidney Yang vacuity with a preponderance of Wind, Damp and Cold. This prescription focuses on nourishing the Blood, eliminating Blood stasis and warming the channels. It also strengthens the Liver, sinews and bones, making it an excellent formula for the elderly. Due to the Yang, warming nature of this formula, it may not be appropriate for Kidney yin vacuity with heat signs.


Pinyin NameCommon Name
Dang gui shenDong quai root
Du zhongEucommia bark
Xu duanSichuan teasel root
Tu si ziChinese dodder seed
Bai zhuWhite atractylodes rhizome
Bu gu zhiPsoralea fruit
Huai niu xiAchyranthes root
Mu guaChinese quince fruit
Ru xiangFrankincense resin
Qiang huoNotopterygium root & rhizome
Du huoPubescent angelica root
Gui zhiChinese cinnamon twig