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Blue Green Lung Formula 1 ounce

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Blue Green Lung Formula, 1 oz

Unit Size1 oz
Dosage10-20 drops, 2-3 times per day
Chinese SymptomologyCough, dyspnea, profuse clear or frothy white phlegm aggravated or precipitated by Wind Cold attack. Facial edema, swelling of the limbs. Acute asthma with copsious clear sputum and chest distention. Aggravation of chronic asthma by Wind Cold exposure. Bronchitis, pneumonia. Childhood asthma and allergic disorders
ActionsResolves Phlegm, dispels pathogenic Qi, warms Lungs, allays cough, spreads Lung Qi
PatternExternal invasion of Wind Cold pathogen with internal Phlegm Damp congestion in the chest
TonguePale, swollen and damp
PulseFloating, tight and slippery
Chinese namexiao qing long tang
English nameBlue Green Lung Formula, 1 oz


Blue Green Lung Clearing Formula is a famous Chinese prescription used over millenia for a variety of respiratory disorders. The great strength of Blue Green Lung Clearing Formula is its combination of exterior releasing, internally-strengthening, and Dampness-resolving ingredients which work synergistically to descend rebellious Lung Qi, transform congested fluids and Phlegm, warm and stabilize the Lung and disperse Wind Cold. This versatile formula treats both root and branch, acute and chronic aspects of a constellation of respiratory disorders.


gan jiang (dried ginger root) xing ren (bei) (apricot seed) wu wei zi (schisandra fruit) bai shao (white peony root) fa ban xia (treated pinellia rhizome) zi su ye (perilla leaf) zhi gan cao (honey-fried Chinese licorice root) gui zhi (Chinese cinnamon twig) zi su zi (perilla seed)