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Bupleurum Soothing Liver 120 tablets

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Bupleurum Soothing Liver, 120 tablets

Unit Size 120
Potency 7:1
Properties Supports a healthy menstrual cycle
Contraindications Intended for use with Excess conditions. Use caution with deficiency patterns.
Chinese Symptomology Occasional discomfort in the chest and hypochondriac region; Occasional breast tenderness; Temporary depression, anger, frustration or anxiety; Occasional belching, hiccups, nausea, acid reflux
Actions Spreads Liver Qi, harmonizes Blood and alleviates pain
Pattern Liver Qi stagnation with pain
Tongue Normal
Pulse Wiry, especially on the left hand pulse
Chinese name Chai Hu Shu Gan Tang
English name Bupleurum Soothing Liver, 120 tablets


Bupleurum Soothing Liver Formula is an effective formula to address Liver Qi stagnation. The therapeutic principle of this formula is to release Liver Qi constraint, and liberate Heat and Yang Qi trapped in the Interior. Stagnation of Liver Qi is a frequent and common diagnosis in Western culture; its manifestations span a broad range of signs and symptoms. This most common disharmony associated with Liver Qi stagnation is Liver acting out of the Ke cycle and overacting upon or attacking the Spleen and Stomach. (Kan Herb Company) *


Pinyin Name Common Name
Chen pi Tangerine dried rind of mature fruit
Chai hu Bupleurum root
Bai shao White peony root
Chuan xiong Sichuan lovage rhizome
Zhi ke chao Bitter orange mature fruit
Zhi xiang fu Cyperus rhizome (vinegar prepared)
Dan shen Chinese salvia root & rhizome
Zhi gan cao Chinese licorice root (honey fried)