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Calm Dragon Formula 120 tablets

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Calm Dragon, 120 tablets

Unit Size120 tablets
Dosage2-3 tablets, 2-3 times per day
Chinese SymptomologyMigraine headache. Anxiety disorder. Withdrawal from medication or recreational substances, alcoholism treatment. Insomnia with vivid dreams, palpitations, delirium. Nausea and vomiting. Neurosis and other psycho/emotional disorders. Hypertension, hyper-thyroidism, prementrual syndrome, post-influenza patterns, chronic fatigue syndrome
ActionsHarmonizes the Shao Yang level, relieves agitation
PatternUnsettled Spirit, blockage of all three Yang levels and confinement of Yang Qi in the interior
TongueRed body with greasy, white or yellow coating, swollen edges
PulseWiry, rapid or tense, slippery, flooding or deep, tense
Chinese namechai hu jia long gu mu li tang
English nameCalm Dragon, 120 tablets


According to Fang You-Zhi in the Treatise on Febrile Diseases Caused by Cold with 500 Cases by Luo Xi-Wen: "after adoption of a purgative there is an internal vacuity. Thus, external Heat intrudes into the interior and ascends together with fluid up to the diaphragm, causing vexation. As the Heart is located above the diaphragm, when the Correct (zheng) Qi is vacuous and the Pathogenic (xie) Qi is strong, the spirit of the Heart is disturbed, causing delirium and irritablity, heaviness in the four extremes and general malaise." This is the original pattern associated with this formula, however, its modern applications have been greatly expanded.

Calm Dragon Formula can be used for a wide range of psychological and emotional disorders, including acute anxiety when there is a Shao Yang or Liver Phlegm-Heat disorder, or an internal blockage of Yang Qi. It is highly effective in substance abuse programs for ameliorating withdrawal symptoms of cigarette, alcohol or drug dependencies. Its combination of warm, cold, supplementing and draining ingredients restores equilibrium to body and mind by regulating the Triple Burner (san jiao) mechanisms.


chai hu (bupleurum root); fa ban xia (treated pinellia rhizome); zhi zi (gardenia fruit); hong zao (red jujube fruit); huang qin (Chinese skullcap root); gui zhi (Chinese cinnamon twig); fu ling kaui (poria cocos fruiting body); duan mu li (oyster shell); dai zhe shi (hematite); long gu (dragon bone); ji lin bai ren shen (white Asian ginseng root); gan jiang (dried ginger root); ji lin bai ren shen (white Asian ginseng tail)