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Celestial Emperors Blend 120 tablets

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Celestial Emperor's Blend , 120 tabs

Unit Size120 tablets
Dosage1-2 tablets, 2-3 x daily
Chinese SymptomologyMoist tonic used for aging. Nervous energy, insomnia, poor memory, mental restlessness, palpitations. Night sweats, dry mouth, flushed cheeks. Agitation, irritability and difficulty concentrating
ActionsNourishes the Yin and Blood, nourishes the Heart, calms the Spirit
PatternHeart and Kidney Yin vacuity, disturbed Spirit (Shen), Blood vacuity
TongueRed with no coat
PulseThin and rapid
BranchKidney, Heart
Chinese nametian wang bu xin dan
English nameCelestial Emperor's Blend , 120 tabs


This formula is often described as a general tonic for aging because the aging process tends to dry out the Yin/fluid aspect of the body. The excessively active lifestyles of the West also damage the Yin. A person whose system "doesn't turn off" and who runs on "nervous energy" can also benefit from taking this formula. Because it provides gentle nourishment, the therapeutic effect is gradual. Common symptoms are insomnia, poor memory, mental restlessness and palpitations. Since the nature of this energy is "empty Heat," night sweats, dry mouth, flushed cheeks, and Heat in the five centers are also experienced as well as agitation and irritability, and difficulty concentrating.

In Chinese Medicine, the Heart is the home of mental activity and consciousness. Therefore, the state of the Heart and Blood affects mental activity, as well as the emotions. Heart Yin energy is responsible for inspiring artistic creativity, on both an intellectual and spiritual level. In addition, these energies allow one to experience love in all of its manifestations: self love, love of others, and Divine or spiritual love. Someone with Heart Yin vacuity may have difficulty declaring boundaries; he or she may give too much to others while not holding back enough for themselves. Conversely, if the Heart Yin vacuity has existed for a long time, a person may have trouble expressing feelings of love, and appear to be cold and unemotional. In either case, Celestial Emperor's Blend is a grounding formula that centers one in the body, allowing for an appropriate balance between oneself and others. Like any Chinese herbal preparation, the primary mode of Celestial Emperor's Blend is to reharmonize a pattern of being. Its indications are a configuration of imbalance involving unnatural concentrations of energy in the upper body on a physical level, often manifesting with the inappropriate violation of other people's emotional boundaries.


sheng di huang (raw rehmannia root) xuan shen (scrophularia root) wu wei zi (schisandra fruit) tian men dong (Chinese asparagus tuber) dang gui shen (dong quai root) kai men dong (ophiopogon tuber) bai zi ren (biota seed) suan zao ren chao (roasted sour jujube seeds) dang shen (codonopsis root) dan shen (red sage root) yuan zhi da (polygala root) fu ling kuai (poria cocos fruiting body) jie geng (platycodon root)