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Clear Mind 120 tablets

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Clear Mind, 120 tabs

Unit Size120 tablets
Dosage2-3 tablets, 2-3 times per day
Chinese SymptomologyPoor concentration and memory. Restlessness. Mental agitation. Fatigue. Insomnia. Mania and withdrawal. Anxiety. Obsessive thoughts. Depression
ActionsNourishes Heart Yin and Blood, nourishes Liver Blood, transforms Heart Phlegm, calms the Shen, nourishes the Brain, strengthens the Kidneys, extinguishes Liver Wind
PatternKidney Jing/Essence vacuity, Heart Yin and Blood vacuity, Phlegm confounding the orifices of the Heart, Liver Blood vacuity engendering Wind, disturbed Shen and Hun
TonguePale, dry, red tip, possibly light red body
PulseThin, rapid
BranchHeart, Liver, Kidney
Chinese nameBu Nao Wan
English nameClear Mind, 120 tabs


Clear Mind formula focuses on Heart Yin and Blood vacuity. Kidney Jing/Essence vacuity and Liver Blood vacuity with internal Wind. When the Heart Blood has become depleted for some time usually due to long term emotional stress and overwork, the Yin will be depleted and Wind will rise. As a result, the Spirit/Mind will have no place to root itself and will become unsettled and wander. Anxiety, mental restlessness, asbsent-mindedness and insomnia may result. Clear Mind nourishes the brain, the Yin of the Heart and Kidneys and builds Blood giving the Spirit/Mind a place to quietly rest.*


Pinyin NameCommon Name
Wu wei ziSchisandra fruit
Suan zao ren (chao) Sour jujube seed (dry fried)
Dang gui shenDong quai root
Hu tao renWalnut
Gou qi ziLycium fruit
Bai zi renBiota seed
Tian maGastrodia rhizome
Tian nan xingChinese arisaema rhizome
Jiu jie chang puAltaica rhizome
Hu poAmber resin
Long guDragon bone
Yuan zhi (da) Polygala root
Yi zhi renSharp-leaf galangal fruit
Tian zhu huangBamboo secretion