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Colorful Phoenix Pearl Combo 60 tablets

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Colorful Phoenix Pearl Combo, 60 tabs

Unit Size60 tablets
Dosage2-3 tablets, 2-3 times per day
Chinese SymptomologyAcne with or without constipation, migrating skin rash, urticaria. Any type of skin boil, rash, ulcer or carbuncle with redness, inflammation or itching
ActionsClears Heat, cools Blood, dispels Toxins
PatternBlood Heat, Blood Toxins, Blood stasis, swollen masses
TongueRed or purple, with red dots
PulseRapid, and may also be floating or wiry
BranchLung, Liver, Large Intestine
Chinese namecai feng zhen zhu an chuang wan
English nameColorful Phoenix Pearl Combo, 60 tabs


Another name for this formula is "Margarita Acne Pills," which is commonly sold as a Chinese prepared medicine. Colorful Phoenix is a powerful formula designed for treating difficult skin conditions marked by Heat, inflammation and Toxins generated in the Blood. However, the scope of this formula is much broader than simply the relief of symptomatic acne and, as is true for all Chinese medical treatments, an accurate and complete energetic diagnosis is necessary before it is applied.

The herbs in this formula are a combination on Yin and Blood tonics, such as rehmannia (shu di huang), adenophora (nan sha shen), and scrophularia (xuan shen); there are also hears to clear heat and toxins from the Blood and skin, such as honeysuckle (jin yin hua), phellodendron (huang bai), rhubarb (da huang) and lithospermum (zi cao) . Margarita pearl (zhen zhu) and shell (zhen zhu mu) have been added for their beneficial effects to the skin, and for healing skin ulcers.

Colorful Phoenix Pearl Combo is indicated for all skin problems when there is a symptomatic mixture of Blood Toxin, Heat, and Yin and Blood vacuity. Surface Wind Heat may also be a factor, manifesting as migrating skin rash. Such conditions often develop after chronic illnesses that waste the Blood and Yin, and from consumption of alcohol, hot spices, or greasy foods. Any type of skin boil, rash, ulcer or carbuncle with redness, inflammation, or itching can be treated with this formula. It is especially useful for acne conditions accompanied by constipation.

The patterns of some conditions can at times be seen as limited to a more narrow set of symptoms. This formula, as well as several others, focuses primarily on the physical needs of the patient. Personal feelings of discomfort or mental turpitude related to the condition will be addressed indirectly as physical energies are balanced and symptoms subside.


zhen zhu mu (mother-of-pearl shell) shu di huang (prepared rehmannia root) nan sha shen (adenophora root) xuan shen (scrophularia root) jin yin hua (honeysuckle flower) huang bai (phellodendron bark) sheng da huang (raw rhubarb rhizome) xia ku cao (prunella fruit spike) zi cao (red root lithospermum) zhen zhu (pearl)