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CoptiClear 1 ounce

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CoptiClear, 1 oz

Unit Size1 oz
Chinese SymptomologyIntestinal infection; Amebic dysentery with frequent bloody or watery stools; Abdominal pain; InfectionsBoilsInsect bites; Poison oak/ivy (apply directly to affected area) Stomach ulcersMouth sores; Gum infections; Skin and ear infectionsFevers with irritability; Nosebleeds
ActionsDrains Fire and Toxin, resolves fever, kills parasites
PatternHeat and Toxins accumulating in the Middle Burner
TongueBright red with a yellow coating
PulseRapid and tense, possibly flooding
Chinese nameHuang Lian Su Pian
English nameCoptiClear, 1 oz


Classically, single herbs have been employed in situations which match the primary indications of a particular medicinal substance. The action is strong, one-sided, and meant for short-term useage. Coptis is one such herb that is used as a single herb or can also be in combination with other herbs when appropriate. In modern TCM, Coptis exract has become a popular alternative to antibiotics for many types of bacterial infections, especially of the gastrointestinal system. This herb strongly inhibits many of the bacteria that cause dysentery, especially shigella dysenteriae and s. flexneri. The active ingredient is berberine (averaging 5-8% of the plant material) which research has shown to be antimicrobial. Coptis extract has also been shown in Chinese studies to be antineoplastic, antihypertensive, antibiotic, antiprotozoal and anticholinergic. CopticClear is appropriate for acute infectious conditions or as a supplement to classical prescriptions where there is a need to drain Fire. For example, when there is Heart Fire along with Kidney and Heart yin vacuity, combine CoptiClear with Celestial Emperor's Blend. When there is Spleen Yang vacuity with Stomach Heat, combine CoptiClear with Prosperous Farmer.


Huang Lian - Coptidis Rhizoma