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Four Gentlemen 120 tablets

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Four Gentlemen, 120 Tablets

Unit Size 120 Tablets
Contraindications Caution with Yin deficiency, fluid deficiency or Dryness, high fever, excess Heat or Qi stagnation. Can be drying and warming take a long-term.
Western Symptomology Occasional fatigue, lethargy, apathy or lassitude, Occasional dizziness, Occasional soft or loose stools
Actions Tonifies Qi, strengthens Spleen
Pattern Spleen Qi deficiency, Qi deficiency
Tongue Pale, possibly puffy or with teeth marks or scalloped edges
Pulse Moderate to deficient, possibly fine
Recommendations Complementary Formulas: Rehmannia Six, Four Substances, Celestial Emperor's Blend
Chinese name Si Jun Zi Tang
English name Four Gentlemen


Tonifies Qi, strengthens Spleen. Supports a healthy digestive system, supports a healthy immune system, supports overall wellbeing.


Bai zhu (White atractylodes rhizome), Fu ling (Poria), Bai ren shen (White Asian ginseng root and rhizome), Zhi gan cao (Honey fried Chinese licorice root & rhizome)