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Fragrant Jade 120 tablets

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Fragrant Jade, 120 tablets

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ContraindicationsUse with caution for sweating due to Yin deficiency or severe External Wind invasion with chills, fever, and sore throat. Use with caution during pregnancy.
Chinese SymptomologyChronic attack of External Wind
Western SymptomologyChronic or allergic rhinitis, nasal congestion, profuse and possibly odorous nasal discharge, frequent or recurrent colds, upper respiratory tract infection; impaired immune system, fatigue or general debility; pale complexion; and frontal or possibly temporal headache pain
ActionsStrengthens Spleen, Lung, and Protective (Wei) Qi, expels External Wind, and opens nasal passages
PatternProtective (Wei) Qi deficiency, External Wind invasion
TonguePale, white coat; yellow coat in cases of Heat
PulseFloating, deficient, or soft, Rapid in cases of Heat
Chinese nameCang Er Zi San and Yu Ping Feng San
English nameFragrant Jade, 120 tablets


Fragrant Jade is an elegant formula that addresses chronic attack of External Wind, when there is a pre-existing Defensive (Wei) Qi deficiency. This condition is often seen in chronic allergies and is best treated by addressing both root causes and branch symptoms simultaneously. Fragrant Jade combines herbs that tonify Defensive (Wei) Qi with herbs that release Exterior Wind. It can be taken short term or long term to address a common cause of frequent allergies, a weak Wei Qi. (Kan Herb Company)


Huang qi (Astragalus root); Bai zhu (White atractylodes rhizome); Fang feng (Siler root); Xin yi hua (Magnolia flower); Cang er zi (Xanthium fruit); Bai zhi (Fragrant angelica root); Bo he (Chinese mint herb); Yu zhu (Aromatic solomon's seal rhizome)