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Graceful Branches 300 tablets

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Graceful Branches, 300 tablets

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ContraindicationsShould not be used in cases presenting with Heat. Use with caution during pregnancy.
Chinese SymptomologyWind, Dampness and Cold invasion, local obstruction of Qi in joints
Western SymptomologyGeneralized sensation of heaviness; weakness, tenderness, stiffness, and pain in joints
ActionsTonifies Qi, activates and nourishes Blood, dispels Wind and resolves Damp, tonifies and harmonizes the Wei and Ying Qi
PatternQi Deficiency, Wind Cold Damp Painful Obstruction (Bi Syndrome)
TongueNormal, or pale with a white coat; purple in case of a chronic condition
PulseModerate or slow and possibly slippery; pain can sometimes increase pulse rate
Chinese nameJuan Bi Tang
English nameGraceful Branches, 300 tablets


In the practice of acupuncture we often see patients who, close to the age of forty, suffer from wrist difficulties (such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) and many others who, around the age of fifty, experience "frozen shoulder." The common modern lifestyle of sedentary jobs and poor diet leads to Qi deficiency and Blood stasis, causing limbs and joints to lose their flexibility. Historically, Chinese medical texts refer to a physical phenomenon called "Forty-year-old wrists and fifty-year-old shoulders." Graceful Branches addresses this phenomenon, as well as generalized limited joint mobility, or muscular pain and spasm in the neck/shoulders, joints, and limbs. The delicate balance between Protective (Wei) Qi and Nutritive (Ying) Qi is also pivotal in maintaining suppleness and the ability to withstand exposure to the elements. (Kan Herb Company)


Qiang huo (Notopterygium root and rhizome); Jiang huang (Tumeric rhizome); Dang gui shen (Dong quai root); Chi shao (Chinese red peony root); Huang qi (Astragalus root); Fang feng (Siler root); Gan cao (Chinese licorice root); Hong zao (Red jujube fruit); Gan Jiang (Dried ginger rhizome)