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Great White Lung Formula 120 tablets

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Great White Lung Formula, 120 tabs

Unit Size120 tabs
Chinese SymptomologyPediatric asthmaMeasles; Wheezing with sore throat; Dry cough with burning sensation; Bronchitis with cough and scanty yellow sputum; Pneumonia
ActionsDrains Heat or Fire, resolves fever, diffuses the Lung Qi, soothes cough, calms wheezing, resolves Phlegm, regulates Qi
PatternWind-Heat attacking the Lung and Stomach, trapped Wind-Cold turning to Heat in the Lung
TongueBright red with a yellow coating
PulseTense, slippery and rapid, floating
Chinese nameMa Xing Zhi Ke Pian
English nameGreat White Lung Formula, 120 tabs


Great White Lung Clearing Formula is a highly effective prescription for acute Lung patterns, as both Wind Cold and Wind Heat pathogens produce Heat when trapped in the Lung. Usually there is qi level or yangming channel Heat or Fire, producing a drying of the Lung Yin and weakening of Lung Qi. There may be fever, rapid breathing, thirst, wheezing and possible sweating. This produces a burning sensation in the chest, dry mouth and throat and an irritating cough with scanty mucus. This prescription also treats acute flare-up of chronic Lung conditions such as Heat-pattern asthma with Yin vacuity or Lung Yin vacuity bronchial conditions.


Jie geng - Platycodon root; Xing ren (bei) - Apricot seed; Zi su ye - Perilla leaf; Gan cao - Chinese licorice root; Chen pi - Tangerine dried rind of mature fruit; Sheng shi gao - Gypsum; Feng mi - Bee honey; Hua shi - Talcum