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Harmonize the Vessels 120 tablets

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Harmonize the Vessels, 120 tablets

Unit Size120
PropertiesSupports a healthy menstrual cycle
ContraindicationsUse with caution during pregnancy.
Chinese SymptomologyOccasional abnormal uterine bleeding accompanied by abdominal heaviness and due to Blood deficiency with concurrent Cold pattern, Occasional soreness and weakness of the lower back
Western SymptomologyConstant spotting, weakness, lower back discomfort; uterine bleeding accompanied by abdominal pain, excessive menstrual bleeding, breakthrough bleeding, and post partum bleeding; constant dribbling urination; bleeding hemorrhoids, peptic ulcer
ActionsTonifies and stabilizes the Blood, reduces bleeding, regulates the menses, harmonizes Chong and Ren vessels
PatternBlood deficiency tending towards Cold, injury and deficiency of the Penetrating and Conception Vessels (Chong Mai and Ren Mai)
TonguePale tongue with a thin, white coat
PulseThin and frail
Chinese nameJiao Ai Tang
English nameHarmonize the Vessels


Harmonize the Vessels is an excellent herbal prescription to help resolve Blood deficiency with a Cold conformation, as well as deficiency of the Penetrating (Chong Mai) and Conception (Ren Mai) vessels. It treats a wide range of menstrual related bleeding disorders with an underlying cause of Blood deficiency. These include heavy menses, abdominal pain, or spotting with menses and bleeding either during or after pregnancy. It nourishes the Chong Mai, or " Sea of Blood," while it stabilizes the Ren Mai, which directly controls the Uterus. All disorders of the Uterus must be treated by accessing the Chong Mai and/or Ren Mai vessels on some level. Both of these Extraordinary vessels flow through the womb and if either is deficient of has suffered injury, they become incapacitated in performing their functions of containing and guiding the Blood - therefore, bleeding occurs. (Kan Herb Company) *


Pinyin NameCommon Name
Sheng di huangRaw rehmannia root
Bai shaoWhite peony root
Ai yeChinese mugwort leaf
Dang gui shenDong quai root
Gan caoChinese licorice root and rhizome
Chuan xiongSichuan lovage rhizome
Tian qiTienchi ginseng root and rhizome
Zhi he shou wuProcessed polygonum multiflorum root (soybean)
Gou qi ziLycium fruit