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Invigorate the Collaterals 1 ounce

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Invigorate the Collaterals, 1oz.

Unit Size1oz. Bottle
Chinese SymptomologyTraumatic injuries; Blood clotsBruising; Swelling; Joint pain associated with arthritis and rheumatic diseases; Dysmenorrhea; Amenorrhea; Blocked fallopian tubes; Uterine fibroids; Endometriosis; Arteriosclerosis; Coronary heart disease; Internal or external ulcerations
ActionsQuickens the Blood and dispels stasis, opens the Connecting (Luo) vessels, relieves pain
PatternPost-traumatic pain or Blood stasis, obstruction of Connecting (Luo) vessels
TongueDark red or purple, possibly with red or purple spots
PulseWiry and/or choppy
BranchLiver, Heart, Kidney
Chinese nameHuo Luo Xiao Ling Dan
English nameInvigorate the Collaterals, 1oz.


Invigorate the Collaterals was selected by Kan after investigating several prescriptions for pain, Blockage patterns (bi zheng) and Blood stasis. These painful conditions obstruct the collaterals or vessels. The collaterals are the passageways for the circulation of blood. They are smaller than the channels and long-term disorders can reside there. This prescription was found to be versatile, broad-based yet powerful enough for both chronic and acute pain disorders, gynecological and menstrual problems, traumatic injury, and pain anywhere in the body. Simple and effective, it easily combines with other prescriptions that supplement Qi, Blood, or treat specific organ systems afftected by pain or trauma. This prescription is ideal in traumatic (die da) medicine, martial arts and/or sports medicine, to maintain Qi and Blood flow in situations of strains, sprains, bruises and contusions from repetitive injury.*


Pinyin NameCommon Name
Dang gui shenDong quai root
Dan shenChinese salvia root & rhizome
Mo yaoMyrrh resin
Ru xiangFrankincense resin
Zhi yan hu suoPrepared corydalis yanhusuo tuber
Huai niu xiAchyranthes root