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Jade Spring Nourishing Formula 300 tablets

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Jade Spring Nourishing Formula, 300 tabs

Unit Size 300 tablets
Chinese Symptomology Wasting disorder with excessive thirst, dry mouth and throat; Excessive hunger and thirst, thin, weak body (may be obese in chronic stages) Tidal fever; Night sweats; Hot flashes and heat sensations in the center of hands, feet and chest (five-palms heat)
Western Symptomology Diabetes
Actions Nourishes Yin, clears vacuous Heat, relieves thirst, promotes salivation, strengthens Kidneys, Lungs and Spleen, regulates appetite and calms Shen
Pattern Lung, Stomach and Kidney vacuity, damaged body fluids in relation to diabetes (wasting thirst disorder)
Tongue Red, scanty coat, cracks in Stomach area
Pulse Thin, slightly rapid
Branch Lung, Stomach, Kidney
Chinese name Yu Quan Wan
English name Jade Spring Nourishing Formula, 300 tabs


Jade Spring Nourishing Formula addresses the symptoms associated with diabetes when there is vacuity of Yin, excess dryness and Heat in the body. Traditionally referred to as " wasting thirst disorder" , patients with this condition are generally weak and experience excessive thirst and urination. The causes include overconsumption of alcohol, a high intake of sweet and fatty food, emotional stress and a constitutional vacuity of Yin. Over time the essential Yin fluids of the Lungs, Stomach and Kidneys are consumed producing vacuous Heat and a rising of the Yang. Jade Spring Nourishing Formula can help to manage the symptoms of Types I and II diabetes that present with Heat, weakness and Yin vacuity and can also be used for general patterns of fluid depletion due to Yin vacuity because it effectively replenishes body fluids, cools Heat and nourishes the Yin. American Ginseng Root has been added to this formula due to its proven effectiveness in significantly lowering blood sugar levels in Type I and II diabetic patients. The Department of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Toronto published a study in the September 2000 issue to Diabetes Care (vol. 23, no. 9, pp. 1221-1226) which showed that ingestion of three grams of American Ginseng within two hours before a meal can reduce blood sugar levels approximately 15-20%, compared to a placebo.


Sheng di huang - Raw rehmannia root; Ge gen - Kudzu root; Tian hua fen - Trichosanthes root; Xi yang shen (whole) - American ginseng root; Gan cao - Chinese licorice root; Wu wei zi - Schisandra fruit