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Jade Windscreen 300 tablets

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Jade Windscreen, 300 tabs

Unit Size300 tablets
Dosage2-3 tablets, 2-3 times per day
Chinese SymptomologyChronic allergies, rhinitis, early stages of bronchitis or chest colds. Persistent allergy with runny nose and clear discharge, sneezing. Spontaneous sweating on exertion or exposure to Wind. Recurrent colds and flu, especially in children. Respiratory tract infections with underlying Qi vacuity
ActionsSupplements the Lung and Defensive (Wei) Qi, stabilizes the exterior and fortifies the Spleen
PatternDefensive (Wei) Qi and Lung Qi vacuity
TonguePale, puffy with a thin white coating
PulseFloating or forceless and thready
Chinese nameYu Ping Feng San
English nameJade Windscreen, 300 tabs


Jade Windscreen Powder (yu ping feng san) reflects the fine herbal craftmanship of Dr. Zhu Dan-Xi, father of the Supplementing Yin (bu yin) school of classical Chinese medicine. Dr. Zhu understood the relationship between the (jing luo) channel system and the viscera (zang-fu) in pathology. Jade Windscreen Powder is the only formula that specifically treats vacuity of the Defensive (wei) Qi, the first line of defense against Wind Cold Damp Pathogenic Qi that can disturb the equilibrium of health. Defensive Qi vacuity combined with Correct (zheng) Qi vacuity can lead to allergic reactions to environmental Qi, often called "environmental disorder."


huang qi (astragalus root) bai zhu (white atractylodes rhizome) fang feng (siler root) shan yao (Chinese yam root) hei zao (black jujube fruit) gui zhi (Chinese cinnamon twig) bai shao (white peony root)