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Lung Qi Release (Dispel Cough) 2 ounce

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Lung Qi Release (Dispel Cough), 2 oz

Unit Size2 oz
Chinese SymptomologyCough, phlegm and sputum associated with upper respiratory infection; Acute bronchitis; Itchy throat; Pertussis; The early stages of viral or mycoplasmic pneumonia
ActionsStops coughing, transforms Phlegm, disperses the exterior and diffuses the Lung Qi
PatternWind-Cold attacking the Lungs
TongueThin white coat
PulseFloating and moderate
Chinese nameZhi Sou San
English nameLung Qi Release (Dispel Cough), 2 oz


Dispel Cough is indicated for a cough which lingers following an exterior Wind-Cold invasion. The external pathogen has not been completely expelled, therefore, the patient amy still have slight chills, fever and an itchy throat. The externally contracted Wind prevents the Lungs from properly diffusing Qi and fluids, which causes Phlegm production with coughing. This formula was designed to treat Wind-Cold invasion and should not be used to treat a cough due to Heat in the Lungs or from Lung Yin vacuity. This is an important pediatric prescription, as coughs are very common among children due to their weak defensive Qi and vulnerability to Wind attack.


Zhi bai bu - Honey fried stemona root; Bai qian - Cynanchum root and rhizome; Chuan bei mu - Sichuan fritillary bulb; Jie geng - Platycodon root; Jing jie - Schizonepeta herb; Zi wan - Purple aster root; Gua lou zi (ren) - Trichosanthes seed; Zi su ye - Perilla leaf; Chen pi - Tangerine dried rind of mature fruit; Gan cao - Chinese licorice root; Fang feng - Siler root