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Pinellia Phlegm Dispersing Formula 300 tablets

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Pinellia Phlegm Dispersing Formula, 300 Tablets

Unit Size300 Tablets
Dosage1-2 tablets up to four times per day as needed. Frequency of dosage should be determined according to the condition. Pinellia Phlegm Dispersing is not meant for long term use, and should be discontinued when the condition has improved.
PropertiesEases strong cough with thick, ropy mucus that is hard to expectorate
Chinese SymptomologyStrong, loud cough with thick, ropy mucus that is hard to expectorate. Bronchitis, smoker's cough, bronchial congestion, asthma, emphysema. Sinus congestion, nasal discharge. Sticky phlegm, orange or blood-streaked phlegm
ActionsResolves Phlegm, clears Heat, diffuses the Lung Qi, soothes cough, calms wheezing, regulates the Qi
PatternPhlegm Heat in the Lungs
TongueRed with a greasy, yellow coating
PulseSlippery and rapid
Chinese nameQing Qi Hua Tan Wan
English namePinellia Phlegm Dispersing Formula, 300 Tablets


Whether a progression from Wind Cold or Wind Heat into the Lung, or the result of improperly treated bronchitis or chest cold, Pinellia Phlegm Dispersing Formula will help resolve any Phlegm Heat pattern with thick, ropy mucus that is difficult to expectorate. Phlegm Heat often accumulates in the interior, from either external Pathogenic Qi that has become lodged in the interior or internal Heat. This pattern interacts with stagnant fluids from inefficient function of the Triple Burner (san jiao) and the Spleen. The Phlegm Heat obstructs the normal dissemination of the Lung Qi, leading to coughing of this thick yellow phlegm. Often these patterns linger for weeks or months after initial respiratory infections, and are visible as well in chronic asthma, smoker's cough (Heat and Dryness damaging the Lung), emphysema, chronic tuberculosis, and other intractable Lung conditions where there are Heat signs. This prescription contains no surface relieving ingredients. For more acute Wind Heat conditions, it may be preceded by, or combined with Initial Defense. It can also be combined with Wise Judge formula to moisten Lung Yin and strengthen Lung Qi.


fa ban xia (treated pinellia rhizome) dan nan xing (prepared arisaema rhizome) zhi shi (bitter orange immature fruit) huang qin (Chinese skullcap root) ju hong pi (red tangerine peel) gua lou zi ren (trichosanthes seed) bei xing ren (apricot seed) fu ling kuai (poria cocos fruiting body)