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Rescue Formula 1 ounce

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Rescue Formula (1 oz)

Unit Size 1
Dosage 16-48 drops, 2-3 times per day
Potency 7:1
Properties Reduces extreme anxiety
Chinese Symptomology Hysteria. Disorientation. Frequent attacks of melancholy and crying spells. Severe premenstrual syndrome. Postpartum depression. Restless sleep with disturbing dreams. Insomnia. Night sweats. Yawning spells. Mania. Withdrawal. Hot flashes. Menopausal syndrome. Emotional disorders
Actions Nourishes the Heart, calms the Spirit, harmonizes the Middle Burner, nourishes the Liver Yin, rectifies Liver Qi depression
Pattern Zang zao/visceral agitation (restless organ pattern), extreme worry, anxiety and/or over thinking which damages Heart Yin, Spleen Qi and Liver Qi
Tongue Bright red, no coat
Pulse Thready, rapid
Chinese name Gan Mai Da Zao Tang
English name Rescue Formula (1 oz)


Rescue Formula focuses on nourishing the Heart Qi and Yin and calming the Spirit. Classically it was used to treat zang zao/visceral agitation, a disorder associated primarily with women suffering from melancholy, depression, worry, anxiety, sadness, yawning and disorientation. This prescription treats mental and emotional distress in which the root pattern is vacuity of the Heart Qi and Yin that disrupts the smooth flow of the Liver Qi and also affects the Spleen Yin. This pattern is the result of excessive worry, anxiety or overthinking that damages the Heart causing a buildup of vacuous Heat and Dryness in the interior. Ultimately when the Yin of the Heart is damaged, the Spirit has no place to dwell and the symptoms can become exaggerated to the point where delusional thinking, abnormal laughing and crying, anxiety attacks and impulsive behavior can occur. This prescription is unusual in the sense that it gently supplements the Qi without aggravating the vacuity Heat symptoms and the three herbs in this formula are sweet in flavor which soothe a depressed Liver. Rescue Formula has a wide range of applications and is not just limited to women, it is appropriate for any man, woman or child who demonstrates the above symptoms with the main pattern being a Heart and Spleen Yin vacuity. This formula should be taken long term for the best effect.


fu xiao mai (wheat seed) hei zao (black jujube fruit) gan cao (Chinese licorice root)