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Siler and Coix Clearing Formula 300 tablets

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Siler & Coix Clearing Formula (300 tablets)

Unit Size300 tabs
Dosage2-3 tablets, 2-3 times per day
PropertiesSoothes skin disorders.
Chinese SymptomologyFacial sores. Acne and pimples due to Fire and Toxins in the Upper Burner. Moist eczema. Facial flushing, Conjunctivitis. Red nose. Otitis media. Gingivitis. Favus (fungal skin condition) . Appropriate for any suppurative swelling and inflammation on the face or head
ActionsClears Heat, Wind and Fire, detoxifies and expels pus
PatternFire, Heat and Toxins in the Upper Burner from Liver/Stomach Fire counterflow
TongueRed with possible yellow coat
PulseRapid, forceful and possibly floating
Chinese nameQing Shang Fang Feng Tang Jia Yi Yi Ren
English nameSiler & Coix Clearing Formula (300 tablets)


Siler and Coix Clearing Formula focuses on Heat and toxicity in the Upper Burner and is an excellent formula for clearing inflammation and toxins specifically from the head and face. This prescription is drying and detoxifying and is most appropriate for Damp-Heat skin conditions that are red and weepy with exudate. Patients with this presentation have Liver and Stomach counterflow with Heat rising to the face and head and accompanying symptoms such as constipation, absence of sweating, scanty urination and excessive thirst. This prescription may be differentiated from Derma Wind Release because the latter focuses more on an exterior Wind-Heat or Dampness interacting with an internal condition of Damp-Heat. Siler and Coix Clearing Formula focuses more on skin eruptions from Heat and toxins in the Upper Burner caused by Liver and Stomach Heat counterflowing upwards.


bai zhi (fragrant angelica root) chuan xiong (Sichuan lovage root) fang feng (siler root) jie geng (platycodon root) huang qin (Chinese skullcap root) lian qiao (forsythia fruit) yi yi ren (Job's tears seed) zhi zi (gardenia fruit) jing jie (schizonepeta herb) bo he (Chinese mint herb) zhi shi (bitter orange immature fruit) gan cao (Chinese licorice root) chuan huang lian (coptis rhizome)