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Sophora Support (Hemorrease) 120 tablets

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Sophora Support (Hemorrease), 120 tabs

Unit Size 120 tablets
Potency 7:1
Chinese Symptomology Hemorrhoids with bleeding and pain; Colitis; Intestinal prolapse and bleeding; Crohn+≤G??G?≤s disease
Actions Stops bleeding, disperses Wind, clears Heat and Dampness, regulates the Qi, harmonizes the Large Intestine.
Pattern Damp Heat lodging in the Large Intestine, Intestinal Wind, Intestinal bleeding.
Tongue Red and dry with a yellow coat at the rear
Pulse Rapid, deep and forceful
Branch Large Intestine
Chinese name Huai Jiao Wan
English name Sophora Support (Hemorrease), 120 tabs


This prescription was originally designed to treat Wind evils that invade the Yangming level, transforming to Heat, and damaging the Blood level of the Large Intestine.


Tian qi - Tienchi ginseng root; Huai jiao - Japanese sophora fruit; Fang feng - Siler root; Di yu - Sanguisorba root; Huang qin - Chinese skullcap root; Zhi ke - Bitter orange mature fruit; Zi zhu cao - Callicarpa leaf; Bai zhu - White atractylodes rhizome; Zhi zi (shan) - Gardenia fruit; Wu bei zi - Chinese sumac seed