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Stomach Support (Cool the Stomach) 300 tablets

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Stomach Support (Cool the Stomach), 300 tablets

Unit Size300
ContraindicationsDo not use with loose stools, or toothache due to Wind Cold. Contraindicated during pregnancy.
Chinese SymptomologyHeat rising and accumulating in the Stomach channel; Heat
Western SymptomologyToothache, bleeding gums, mouth or canker sores, other painful swelling or inflammatory conditions; frontal headaches, red eyes; red face, extreme thirst for cold drinks, strong hunger, irritability; acid regurgitation, epigastric pain
ActionsClears Stomach Fire, enriches Stomach and Kidney Yin, cools the Blood
PatternStomach Fire, Stomach and Kidney Yin Deficiency
TongueDry, red body with yellow or no coating
PulseRapid, and large or small, possibly rootless, slippery, or floating
Chinese nameQing Wei San and Yu Nu Jian
English nameStomach Support (Cool the Stomach), 300 tablets


Cool the Stomach clears an excess condition of Stomach Fire by strongly clearing Heat and addressing Kidney Yin deficiency created by Stomach Fire. (Kan Herb Company)


Sheng di huang (Raw rhemannia root); Sheng shi gao (Gypsum); Dang gui shen (Dong quai root); Mu dan pi (Tree peony root bark); Zhi mu (Anemarrhena rhizome); Mai men dong (Ophipogon root); Chuan huang lian (Coptis rhizome); Sheng ma (Chinese cimicifuga rhizome)