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Yin Fountain 1 ounce

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Yin Fountain, 1 oz

Unit Size1 fl oz
ContraindicationsDo not use for an acute cough derived from an External pathogenic invasion.
Chinese SymptomologyKidney and Lung deficiency
Western SymptomologyChronic dry cough, chronic bronchitis, excessive thirst, dry skin problems; elderly patients who have become depleted by the aging process, with symptoms of aridity such as dry skin and a lingering, enervating dry cough and other signs of aging involving a lack of moist suppleness
ActionsNourishes the Lung and Kidneys, generates fluids
PatternLung and Kidney Yin deficiency
TongueRed tongue with dry and little coating
PulseDeficient and rapid pulse
Chinese nameMai Wei Di Huang Wan
English nameYin Fountain, 1 oz


Yin Fountain is a Lung and Kidney Yin tonic that helps improve the functioning of the Lungs by generating fluids and strengthening the Kidney. The Lung relies on the upward moistening effect of the richly nourishing attributes of Kidney Yin, much like a subtle fountain, which arcs from the Lower Burner (Jiao) to the Upper Burner. Conversely, the descending Qi of the Lung needs to be " grasped" by the Kidneys in order to properly carry out its role dispersion and descent. (Kan Herb Company) *


Pinyin NameCommon Name
Shu di huangPrepared rehmannia root
Shan zhu yuAsiatic cornelian cherry
Shan yaoChinese yam rhizome
Mu dan piTree peony root bark
Ze xieAsian water plantain rhizome
Fu lingPoria
Mai men dongOphiopogon tuber
Wu wei ziSchisandra fruit