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Equazen Pro Softgels 90 soft gels

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Improve ADHD symptoms within 12 weeks

EQUAZEN PRO is a medical food to address fatty acid deficiencies common in people with ADHD and some related neurodiverse conditions that cannot be resolved by normal diet modification alone. In clinical trials among kids and teens with ADHD, the EQUAZEN PRO formula showed on average significant improvements in focus, attention, academic performance, and balanced mood. USE UNDER MEDICAL SUPERVISION. 20 clinical studies include 6 ADHD clinical trials.

EQUAZEN PRO is well-established in Europe since 1999. With its entry into the US as a medical food in 2020, EQUAZEN PRO is now available as nutritional support for ADHD. EQUAZEN PRO is the only ADHD-specific medical food with the clinically proven ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which includes GLA.

More often than not, traditional fish oil products contain only omega-3 fatty acids. A 2022 review, published in Nutrients concluded that taking omega-3 fatty acids alone might not be sufficient to effectively support patients with ADHD and neurodiverse conditions. Overall, studies show a combination of EPA and DHA with GLA in a 9:3:1 ratio is associated with

ADHD symptom improvement. This suggests a combination of PUFAs may lead to better outcomes.

EQUAZEN PRO's composition of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids-in the unique ratio of 9:3:1 of EPA:DHA: GLA-promotes healthy fatty acid metabolism and balanced omega fatty acid levels, and offers an additional means to support those with ADHD to reach their potential.

Product Features:

  • Supported by over 17 years of research and more than 20 clinical studies, including 6 ADHD clinical trials, which demonstrate improvements in focus, attention, academic performance, and balanced mood.
  • Safe & effective nutritional support when used alone or in combination with common prescription ADHD medications.
  • Our suppliers have been certified to Friend of the Sea criteria for responsible and sustainable sourcing.
  • Produced with novel patented purification processes that reduce contaminants, oxidative impurities, environmental pollutants, and toxins to ensure exceptional clarity, quality, taste, and smell. Furthermore, the production of fish oil utilizes technologies that run on 100% renewable energy.