About Kyolic

Founded in 1956, Kyolic is a manufacturer of high-quality garlic supplements made from organically grown garlic aged up to 20 months to enhance health benefits. Headquartered in California, Kyolic's core values focus on using natural cultivation and extraction methods to deliver the maximum nutritional value of garlic without harsh side effects.

Notable innovations include proprietary aging techniques to convert garlic's pungent compounds into odorless, water-soluble sulphur ingredients. This process retains garlic's antioxidant potentials and positive impacts on cardiovascular, immune, and cognitive health backed by over 850 studies.

Kyolic offers odorless aged garlic extract supplements such as the best-selling Formula 103. Additional product categories feature probiotics, superfoods and greens, supplements for weight loss, liver and prostate support, blood sugar balance, and more.

All Kyolic products strictly follow Good Manufacturing Practices and quality standards certified by ISO 9001:2015. Stringent checks are performed at every production stage on organically grown, pesticide-free garlic. This ensures the safety, efficacy and environmentally friendly sourcing of all Kyolic garlic supplements.