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MacuGuard Ocular Support 60 softgels

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Product Description

About MacuGuard Ocular Support

MacuGuard Ocular Support is a dietary supplement containing lutein, two forms of zeaxanthin, and phospholipid compounds to support normal eye health and function. It is specially formulated to help protect the macula from light-induced damage and oxidative stress. The macula is the part of the retina responsible for central, detail-oriented vision. Over time, it can become damaged from excessive blue light exposure and free radical activity. MacuGuard provides antioxidant nutrients called carotenoids to help maintain the macular pigment and support healthy cells in the eye. This comprehensive formula goes beyond basic lutein supplements with additional eye-supportive carotenoids not typically found in other eye vitamins. The ingredients in MacuGuard work synergistically to help optimize macular health for sharper, clearer vision during the day and at night.

Potential Benefits

  • Supports healthy macular function
  • Protects against blue light & UV damage
  • Maintains visual acuity & contrast
  • Optimizes night vision & adaption
  • Defends against oxidative stress
  • Promotes retinal health & circulation


IngredientAmount Per Serving% Daily ValueBenefit
Phospholipids173 mgN/ASupports nutrient absorption & retinal circulation
Lutein10 mgN/AProtects macula from blue light; supports visual acuity
Meso-zeaxanthin4 mgN/AProtects central retina; improves glare recovery & contrast
Trans-zeaxanthin4 mgN/AProtects macula; supports night vision & retinal sensitivity
?-Carotene1.24 mgN/ASupports macular pigment density & visual performance
Saffron Extract20 mgN/ASupports healthy vision; protects photoreceptors
Cyanidin-3-Glucoside2.2 mgN/ARegenerates rhodopsin pigment for night vision

Dosage & How to Take

Take 1 softgel daily with food.

Side Effects

MacuGuard Ocular Support is generally well tolerated with no known side effects.

About the Manufacturer

Life Extension is a global leader in the field of integrative health with a long history of scientific research, product innovation, and dedication to quality. Their science-based formulas are designed to help combat age-related health issues and promote longevity so people can live their healthiest lives. Life Extension rigorously tests raw materials for efficacy & purity before formulating them for optimal absorption and effectiveness. Their manufacturing facilities follow strict quality control procedures and are routinely audited by independent third party labs to ensure the highest standards are met. With over 100 patents and more than 500 products, Life Extension is committed to translating groundbreaking research into innovative, premium-quality dietary supplements.

Support eye health and maintain clear, sharp vision by trying MacuGuard Ocular Support today. Visit to learn more or buy MacuGuard Ocular Support online.

FAQs About MacuGuard Ocular Support

How is MacuGuard different than other lutein supplements?

MacuGuard contains additional carotenoids not found in basic lutein supplements, including specific zeaxanthin isomers and ?-carotene, that research suggests better supports overall visual performance and macular health.

When should I take MacuGuard Ocular Support?

It is best taken once daily with a meal to help ensure maximum absorption of the fat-soluble nutrients.

Can MacuGuard Ocular Support benefit those with eye conditions?

While MacuGuard cannot treat or cure eye disease, some research suggests its nutrients may help slow progression in certain conditions. However, you should speak to your eye doctor about appropriate therapies.

How long does it take to see benefits?

Most feel visual improvements within 4-6 weeks, however the lutein will continue accumulating in the retina for up to 6 months for full effects.

Does MacuGuard Ocular Support contain preservatives?

No, MacuGuard Ocular Support does not contain any artificial preservatives, flavors or sweeteners.

Can I take MacuGuard if I wear contact lenses?

Yes, MacuGuard is safe to use if you wear contacts. The ingredients will not interfere with contact lens solutions.

Where can I buy MacuGuard Ocular Support?

MacuGuard Ocular Support is sold exclusively by licensed healthcare practitioners. is an authorized retailer offering discounted pricing online.

Disclaimer:The information provided is for informational purposes. It is not medical advice nor meant to treat, cure, diagnose, or prevent any disease. Please consult your doctor before taking any supplement or if you have any health concerns.