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CandiBactin-AR 120 gelcaps

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Product Description

About Metagenics CandiBactin-AR

CandiBactin-AR is a formula that contains concentrated herbal extracts and essential oils to help support the healthy microbial balance in the intestines. Among the protagonists of the formula are concentrated essential oils from oregano and red thyme, which, combined with other herbal extracts from the mint family contribute to the promotion of healthy upper respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts. The fact that these oils have been encapsulated in a softgel via the use of a unique hard shell encapsulation method enables them to blend with the lemon balm and sage dry leaf extracts, the addition of which helps stabilize and protect the fragile essential oils while also fostering the healthy function of the digestive system.

How CandiBactin-AR Works

The product is part of the Metagenics Gastrointestinal Health product line and encapsulates a concentrated oil that is equivalent to 8 grams of raw herb, an extract of red thyme, which is widely used to strengthen the immune system by bringing balance to the respiratory and digestive functions, and thymol in verified amounts. The herbal ingredients in the formula are notorious for their potent antioxidant qualities that promote normal immune and digestive function, among many others.

Importance of Intestinal Health

The digestive tract is home to some 40 trillion single-cell organisms, such a bacteria and fungi that work hard to help the body digest meals, protect it from disease, and manufacture the essential nutrients the body cannot produce on its own. Unlike what many people believe, these organisms play a much more crucial role than imagined. This community of microorganisms inside the gut is called microbiome, and constitutes of both harmful and beneficial residents. Studies have found that these bacteria are responsible for a great part of the body’s overall good health. Imbalances in the gut microbiome can lead to the development of neuropsychiatric illnesses, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and ADHD, affecting the way we feel dramatically.

With every bite we take, we either feed the bad or the good bacteria in the gut, which means that we either help the body absorb the nutrients required and excrete the rest or cause it to malfunction, one way or another. These microbes play a vital role in the normal neurological function while shaping your metabolism, allergies, and appetite, and producing neurotransmitters, such as GABA, dopamine, and serotonin – all of which affect your mood.

Unfortunately, the modern diet often leads us to starve the good bacteria, making digestion a challenge and depriving the brain of the chemicals it needs to thrive. At the same time, we tend to feed the harmful bacteria which love sugar and unhealthy fats. It is estimated that our ancestors that lived in the Paleolithic era consumed up to 100 grams of fiber (the single most important nutrient good bacteria need to be invincible in the body) every day while the average American gets less than 15 per day when the recommended serving is around 25-30 grams per day. This is a major reason why the mental function, the digestion and the mood suffer nowadays.

CandiBactin-AR Ingredients

Every softgel contains the following compounds:

Red Thyme Oil (Thymus vulgaris) – It has potent calming, hypertensive, antispasmodic, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties and has been used as a medicinal herb for centuries. Thyme also supports various body functions, including the nervous, digestive, respiratory, and immune systems.

Oregano Leaf Extract – Oregano is found to be rich in antioxidants and contain compounds with powerful antibacterial properties. Besides helping fight bacteria, it also has antioxidant qualities and potentially anti-cancer properties too. It is also used to reduce inflammation and viral infection.

Sage Leaf Extract – High in nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, sage comes loaded with antioxidant and oral health-supporting attributes. It is also effective in lowering bad cholesterol and blood sugar levels while supporting brain and memory health, among many others.

Lemon Balm Leaf Extract – Also known as a carminative herb, lemon balm fosters digestive health, promotes the normal gastrointestinal process, eases abdominal cramping, and relieves stagnant digestion. It also helps combat insomnia and anxiety, as well as protect the neurons.

Other Ingredients: Sunflower lecithin, annatto extract (color), silica, water, glycerine, gelatin, and rice bran oil.

Additional Notes:

  • The product is gluten-free.
  • The recommended serving size is one capsule with a glass of water three times a day after a meal unless otherwise instructed by your healthcare provider.
  • The suggested duration for maximum results is 8 weeks. However, consult your physician for case-specific instructions especially if you are taking medication.
  • Do NOT take CandiBactin-AR if you are breastfeeding or pregnant.
  • Do NOT chew or open the softgel capsule; just swallow as described.
  • At any sign of reflux (heartburn) or gastrointestinal discomfort, discontinue its use and talk to your healthcare professional.
  • CandiBactin-AR is manufactured in a factory that produces formulas which contain tree nuts, fish, soy, wheat, crustacean shellfish, and dairy.

About Metagenics

Metagenics is a nutritional supplement manufacturer that has been supplying licensed healthcare professionals with top quality formulas for over 30 years in a row. Their core mission is to help patients enjoy profound health benefits and reach their wellness goals through well-researched and science-backed products. Among their top rated products are mood and sleep-regulating Serosyn, detoxifying UltraInflamX Plus 360, and nutrition-providing D3 10,000 +K.