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Fem Prenatal 30 packets

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Product Description

About Metagenics Fem Prenatal

Metagenics Fem Prenatal is a high quality prenatal multivitamin and mineral supplement designed to provide important maternal nutrition and support normal fetal growth and development during pregnancy. It contains essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in forms that may be gentler for pregnant women to absorb and utilize. Fem Prenatal is specifically formulated to address the increased nutritional demands during pregnancy. It provides a spectrum of essential nutrients to help ensure the health of both mother and baby.

Potential Benefits

  • Supports maternal nutrition during pregnancy
  • Supports normal fetal growth and development
  • Gentle formula for improved absorption & bioavailability
  • Convenient once daily packet


IngredientAmount Per Serving% Daily ValueBenefit
Vitamin A [as retinyl palmitate and mixed carotenoids]4000 IU-Supports eye and immune health
Vitamin C [as ascorbic acid and niacinamide ascorbate]250 mg-Powerful antioxidant for immune health
Vitamin D [as cholecalciferol]400 IU-Bone & immune health; aids calcium absorption
Vitamin E [as d-alpha tocopheryl succinate]90 IU-Antioxidant for immune & cardiovascular health
Vitamin K [as phytonadione]65 mcg-Supports bone & heart health; aids blood clotting
Thiamin [as thiamin mononitrate]3.4 mg-Supports energy metabolism & nervous system
Riboflavin3.4 mg-Supports energy production & antioxidant function
Niacin [as niacinamide ascorbate]35 mg-Supports cellular energy & nervous system health
Vitamin B6 [as pyridoxine HCl]10 mg-Supports neurotransmitter production & red blood cell formation
Folate [as calcium L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate]1 mg-Supports neural tube development in baby
Vitamin B12 [as methylcobalamin]120 mcg-Boosts energy, mood & red blood cell formation
Biotin300 mcg-Supports healthy hair, skin & nails
Pantothenic Acid [as D-calcium pantothenate]20 mg-Supports energy production
Calcium [as calcium citrate]500 mg-For bone health, muscle & nerve function
Iron [as iron glycinate]30 mg-Supports oxygen transport & red blood cell formation
Iodine [as potassium iodide]175 mcg-Essential for healthy thyroid function
Magnesium [as magnesium citrate and aspartate]250 mg-Supports bone, muscle, nerve health
Zinc [as zinc citrate]25 mg-Immune support & cellular metabolism
Selenium [as selenium aspartate]75 mcg-Boosts antioxidant & thyroid function
Copper [as copper citrate]2 mg-Supports iron absorption & antioxidant function
Manganese [as manganese citrate]1.2 mg-Bone health & antioxidant function
Chromium [as chromium citrate]25 mcg-Supports blood sugar already in normal range
Molybdenum [as molybdenum aspartate]25 mcg-Cofactor for antioxidant enzymes
Inositol50 mg-Supports nerve, brain & mood function

Dosage & How to Take

Take one packet daily with food or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Each packet contains two green multi tablets and four white mineral tablets.

Side Effects

Fem Prenatal is generally well tolerated. Consult your healthcare provider about any side effects.

About the Manufacturer

Metagenics is a leader in functional medicine and premium quality professional-grade supplements since 1983. Headquartered in California, Metagenics manufactures over 600 science-based formulations created by doctors to target specific health concerns and support overall wellness. With a vertically integrated approach, Metagenics controls every step of the supply chain from seed to supplement to ensure quality, efficacy, and sustainability practices. Their products are recommended by over 25,000 doctors in over 30 countries worldwide.

Fem Prenatal is specially formulated to provide gentle yet optimal nutrition for mother and baby during this important time. Ensure you are getting adequate nutrition for yourself and your growing baby with Fem Prenatal, available here from your Metagenics authorized retailer - AcuAtlanta!

FAQs About Fem Prenatal

What is Fem Prenatal?

Fem Prenatal is a specially formulated prenatal multivitamin providing a spectrum of essential nutrients in forms gentle for improved absorption to support maternal nutrition and normal fetal development.

Who can take Fem Prenatal?

Fem Prenatal is recommended for pregnant women to support increased nutritional needs during pregnancy.

How should I take Fem Prenatal?

Take 1 packet daily with food or as directed. Each packet contains 2 green multi tablets & 4 white mineral tablets.

What makes Fem Prenatal different?

Fem Prenatal contains premium ingredients in gentle, highly bioavailable forms. It is specially designed for the increased demands of pregnancy unlike typical mass-market prenatals.

Does Fem Prenatal have side effects?

Fem Prenatal is generally well-tolerated. As with any supplement, consult your doctor about potential side effects.

Can men take Fem Prenatal too?

No, Fem Prenatal is specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of pregnant & lactating women.

Where is Fem Prenatal manufactured?

Fem Prenatal is manufactured by Metagenics USA in California. All Metagenics products adhere to strict quality control standards.

Where can I buy Fem Prenatal?

Fem Prenatal is available from licensed healthcare practitioners. AcuAtlanta is an authorized Metagenics retailer providing access to premium products like Fem Prenatal.

Disclaimer:The information provided is for informational purposes only. It is not medical advice nor a substitute for medical treatment by your healthcare provider. Consult your doctor before taking any new supplement to ensure suitability & safety for your specific health status.