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Da Bu Yin Wan teapills

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Product Description

Min Shan Da Bu Yin Wan

Da Bu Yin Wan, also known as, Great Yin Tonifying, Abundant Yin Teapills, tonifies Liver and Kidney, sedates deficiency fire, and alleviates Steaming Bone Syndrome.


Tonifies Liver and Kidney Yin, Sedates Deficiency Fire, Alleviates Steaming Bone Syndrome

Standard Serving Size:

8 pills, 3 times a day.


Rehmannia glutinosa root-prep, Chinemys reevesii shell, Anemarrhena asphodeloides rhizome, Phellodendron amurense bark. - Shu di huang, Gui ban, Zhi mu, Huang bai.

Cautions & Contraindications:

Contraindicated during pregnancy. Contraindicated during the early stages of acute infection or illness, such as cold. Contraindicated for conditions due to excess heat. Use with caution in Spleen deficient patients with a tendency to loose stools, diarrhea, poor appetite or chronic digestive weakness.