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Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate 30 servings Vanilla

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Product Description

Grass-Fed Whey Protein

Advanced Amino Acid Delivery

As one of the cleanest, most digestible whey isolates, this product is designed to help quickly deliver the amino acids your body needs to fuel muscles, regulate the immune system, and synthesize hormones and neurotransmitters. Treat yourself to the best and amplify your performance, recovery, and mood!

Grass-Fed Whey

Our whey protein comes from grass-fed Wisconsin happy cows on family farms. This provides one of the cleanest whey isolate proteins available on the market. It is enhanced with a unique enzyme blend designed to amplify your performance and recovery. The two delicious flavors - Creamy Vanilla and Rich Chocolate - blend smoothly in water or milk for a delicious protein boost any time of day!

Product Highlights

  • 24 grams per serving of pure, grass-fed, easily-digestible, rBGH-free, rBST-free and antibiotic-free protein to fuel performance and strength, jump-start muscle recovery, increase dietary protein, or fight afternoon snack attacks.
  • Superior Enzymes quickly digest protein in 10 minutes - shown in third party study - which alleviates digestive discomfort, gas, and extreme toxicity in the GI tract and throughout the body caused by undigested proteins.

Ingredient Highlights

  • Superior digestive enzyme support. Proteins must be broken down to their building block amino acids so our bodies can build and repair all tissues and make hormones, enzymes, and many other things that support life-giving processes. Undigested proteins can cause digestive discomfort, gas, and extreme toxicity in the gut and throughout the body. Our protein provides a superior enzyme blend formulated to completely breakdown whey and veggie proteins within 10 minutes according to third-party tests.
  • Non-GMO sunflower phospholipids are used to make and repair existing cellular mitochondria that can be damaged during normal ATP (energy) production increasing the overall energy output capacity of each cell. Phospholipids are also necessary for brain and nerve health and function.


  • Mix one scoop in 8 ounces of water or milk.
  • Shake or blend to enjoy a creamy smooth taste.
  • Try mixing it with a scoop of OrganiEarth for a delicious and nutritious meal replacement shake on-the-go!