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Fu ZhengSupport Formula 8 ounce

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Product Description

Fu ZhengSupport Formula, 8oz

Unit Size: 8 oz liquid

Potency: 7:1

Taste: Sweet, slightly bitter and pungent

Western Symptomology: side effects of radiation and chemotherapy. Decrease white and red blood cells count. Wasting due to poor assimilation or under-nutrition. Weakness and Fatigue.

Channels Entered: Liver, Heart, Spleen, Stomach, Kidney, Lung

Tongue: Varied. Body ranges from pale to red. coating can be dry, grainy, and "rootless", thick and greasy, or peeled.


This formula combines four of the most potent immuno-modulating fungi with three potent Qi supplementing herbs. It may be used to strengthen the body and mind in such autoimmune conditions as chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies and nervous strain, and as an aid to treatment in protecting the immune system during chemotherapy or radiation. While medicinal, this formula is also nourishing as a food supplement, supplying vital vitamins and minerals.


Pinyin NameCommon Name
NoneCoriolus mycelium and fruiting body
Ling zhiReishi mycelium and fruiting body
Dong chong xia caoCordyceps mycelium and fruiting body
NoneFlammulina mycelium and fruiting body
Huang qiAstragalus root
Wu jia piEleutherococcus gracilistylus root bark
NoneSuma root