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Product Description

Nordic Omega-3 Gummies is a Nordic Naturals product specifically designed to provide kids 2 years and older with the required omega-3 fatty acids their body needs for optimal health. Manufactured in tangerine flavored gummies, they give children a tasty treat to quench their cravings while offering them a snack of high nutritional value. Each chewy gummy contains 68 mg Omega-3 EPA+DHA and tastes delicious, so even picky palates can gain the health benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids.

How Much Omega-3 Should a Child Take Daily?

The recommendations for daily intake of Omega-3 fatty acids for children usually vary per health organization. Typically, it is suggested that children receive 150-250 mg of EPA and DHA every day, which is way too low considering that recent research has shown that children can tolerate doses as high as 5000 mg, which provides significantly more health benefits than the smaller doses. Adding to that the fact that children do not have the ability to synthesize Omega-3 fatty acids in the amounts needed due to various factors, small doses such as 150 mg are highly unlikely to deliver any considerable health effects on most kids.

Overall, it has been evidenced that children between four and 12 years of age can benefit from consuming around 2000 mg of Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA + DHA) a day. This is the amount of Omega-3 fatty acids they will get from eating fish 4-5 times a week (roughly) or one teaspoon of concentrated fish oil, or two concentrated fish oil pills.

Health Concerns Related to Low Omega-3 Fatty Acid Intake in Children

Omega-3s are vital essential acids that help not only feed the brain but also keep it healthy. Besides, they play a critical role in the creation of new cells, which is crucial for the healthy development of the cardiovascular and central nervous systems. In addition, Omega-3 fatty acids enable the body to absorb nutrients while supporting healthy eye function.

Additional research has shown that Omega-3 fats also take part in the function of the neurotransmitters. This means that they might even help manage behavioral and psychological conditions. Finally, their anti-inflammatory attributes make them an excellent food for children experiencing a wide range of conditions, from upper respiratory infections and asthma to obesity.

It becomes apparent that children with limited access to fish, picky eaters, or kids not consuming enough Omega-3 fatty acids for whatever other reason deprive themselves of a variety of health benefits.

Additional Benefits of Omega-3 Fats for Kids

Studies suggest that Omega-3 supplements could help improve ADHD-related symptoms, including difficulty focusing, impulsiveness, and hyperactivity. These also reveal that Omega-3 fats can improve learning, memory, and attention in children with ADHD, as well as those without ADHD.

What is more, it has been evidenced that kids under 18 years old suffer from sleep disturbances, which can be combated by supplementing children with around 600 mg DHA. Results have shown that kids get roughly 60 more minutes of sleep per night while their sleep interruptions were significantly reduced.

Other research focuses on pregnancy and suggests that consuming more Omega-3 fats may improve the infant’s sleep patterns.

Last but not least, Omega-3 fatty acids can also improve mood in children and even prevent depression. Their verbal learning ability may be enhanced, too, due to the activation of their prefrontal cortex.

Recommended Dosage of Nordic Omega-3 Gummies for Kids

The suggested dosage for a child two years or older is two (2) gummies with food daily unless your pharmacist or healthcare practitioner instructs otherwise.

Consult your healthcare professional before taking Nordic Omega-3 Gummies. You may need to start your kid on a lower dose and gradually increase to tolerance. Your child may also need to have a blood test to determine their Omega-3 needs and establish the optimal dose.

Omega-3 Gummies for Kids Side Effects and Allergy Warnings

Any side effects of Omega-3 fats are generally particularly mild. The most common ones include diarrhea, nausea, heartburn, headache, and stomach upset and can be prevented if the child sticks to the recommended dosage.

Nordic Omega-3 Gummies should not be consumed by children allergic to shellfish or fish.

The formula is gluten-free, dairy-free, and yeast-free while also containing no artificial flavoring, coloring, or preservatives.

Please make sure your kid does not chew the gummies hastily.

Nordic Omega-3 Gummies for Kids FAQs

I am concerned about mercury and toxicity. How safe is it for my kid to consume Nordic Omega-3 Gummies?

You are justifiably concerned about environmental toxins, including mercury levels in fish. Nordic Naturals fish oils are tested by 3rd party laboratories for potency, freshness, and purity. You can gain access to Certificates of Analysis upon request.

Can my child get enough Omega-3 fats from food?

In a perfect world, they could. But Americans do not eat enough fish regularly. Even those that consume fish 3-5 times a week don’t get enough EPA and DHA as the fish is usually farm-raised, which means that they are particularly low in EPA and DHA amounts. Environmental toxins found in fish is another concern as well. So, it is difficult to obtain the required minimum amount of Omega-3 fats from fish alone.

How soon will I see noticeable results on my kid from supplementing with Nordic Omega-3 Gummies?

It depends on their current nutritional state, health, and other factors. It usually takes about two months to evaluate the health benefits, though.