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5-Day IFD Program 5 day program Vanilla

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5-Day IFD Program Vanilla, 5 Day

Intermittent Fasting Diet

The 5-Day IFD Program an easy to follow program designed to help your body achieve cellular autophagy.

MCT Oil is a high quality blend of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). MCTs are special fatty acids which are metabolized more fully for energy in the body. Normal fats and oils contain long-chain fatty acids (LCTs). When compared to these fatty acids, MCTs are much shorter in length thus resembling carbohydrates more than fat. As a result, they are more quickly absorbed by the body and metabolized as fuel. Because of this quick metabolism, the calories in MCTs are very efficiently converted into fuel for immediate use in the mitochondria, instead of being stored as fat.

Power Greens Premium Berry is NuMedica's state-of-the-art, great tasting greens and superfood drink mix. It is made from the highest quality, freshest fruits and vegetables available, specifically selected for their nutrient-rich properties. This premium formula is loaded with energizing phytonutrients, certified organic whole foods and plant extracts, including pure spirulina, chlorella, certified organic goji, certified organic banana, broccoli and cauliflower. With this unique blend of great tasting superfoods, getting your fruits, vegetables, vitamins and minerals has never tasted so good!

Total Vegan is a revolutionary plant protein blend featuring 5 well-tolerated, vegan protein sources - yellow pea, rice, hemp, chia and cranberry - to provide a well-balanced amino acid profile in a high protein formula. In addition to the well-rounded protein profile, Total Vegan features many unique ingredients to support the immune system, the digestive system, body composition, bone health and detoxification.

Each Program Contains:

MCT Oil16 svgs
Power Greens Premium Berry21 svgs
Total Natural Vanilla14 svgs
5-Day IFD Program Guide1 Booklet