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Focus Fizz 150 grams

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Product Description

Nutra BioGenesis Focus Fizz

Focus Fizz is an innovative formula combining nutrients and herbs to calm the nervous system and increase mental acuity and focus.

  • Improves attention/focus and learning ability through beneficial neurotransmitter support.
  • Adaptogenic support for enhanced stress tolerance.
  • Supplies Rhodiola root extract, coenzyme Q10, and phosphatides.

Product Details


  • Promotes a calm alert mind through increased alpha wave activity
  • Improves attention/focus and learning ability through beneficial neurotransmitter support
  • Adaptogenic support for enhanced stress tolerance
  • Nutrient support for optimal cellular energy production
  • Antioxidant protection for cellular/neuronal damage
  • Nutrient support for enhanced cognitive and memory function
  • Great for kids and adults
  • Great taste and high compliance

Focus Fizz is a special blend of potent antioxidants and nutrients that calm the overactive nervous system, protect neural cells from oxidative damage, and promote optimal cognitive functioning. Focus Fizz will help improve attention span, memory, and the ability to learn while helping the body adapt to stress. This great tasting effervescent drink makes it easy for any child or adult to take a therapeutic amount of these important nutrients.

GABA (GAMMA AMINO BUTYRIC ACID) is an inhibitory amino acid that acts directly as a neurotransmitter. In addition to dietary sources it is synthesized in the brain and functions as the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. This elicits a calming effect, mood elevation, and reduction of anxiety.

COQ10 is a cofactor in many metabolic pathways in the body and is essential for the production of ATP. Most of its health benefits have been attributed to its potent antioxidant effect. CoQ10 protects cellular membranes by preventing lipid peroxidation and promoting the regeneration of vitamin E and vitamin C.

L-THEANINE is a non-protein amino acid found in Camellia sinensis (green tea). Historically L-theanine has been used for its relaxing and anti-anxiety effects. Its relaxing effect may be due to a direct stimulation of both GABA and serotonin in the central nervous system. L-Theanine also protects neuronal cells from damage.

RHODIOLA A traditional herbal adaptogen from the arctic regions of eastern Siberia. Rhodiola increases the body's resistance to stress, reduces fatigue and improves cognitive function, including learning and memory.

ASCORBIC ACID is a water-soluble vitamin found in fresh fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C is a common antioxidant that plays a role in many metabolic functions including the metabolism of, the calming neurotransmitter, dopamine. Vitamin C deficiency can cause fatigue and a decline in mental and physical performance.

MALIC ACID is a key component in the production of energy (ATP) within the mitochondria in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. It is an intermediate in the Krebs cycle and can be metabolized into pyruvate. This then plays a key role in the pyruvate recycling pathway by providing pyruvate to maintain the citric acid cycle activity when glucose and lactate are low.

VITAMIN B12 AND FOLIC ACID work together to protect the health and optimal functioning of the central nervous system. They are both cofactors in the methyl donor pathway essential for proper neurological function. Deficiencies may lead to cognitive impairment and mood changes.

R-ALPHA-LIPOIC-ACID is made by the body as a coenzyme involved in the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the fuel for the cell. Alphalipoic acid is also a potent antioxidant that can scavenge for both intracellular and extracellular free radicals. ALA modulates cognitive ability by increasing neuronal blood flow and improving neuronal conduction velocity. It also protects neural tissue from oxidative damage by promoting the regeneration of other antioxidants in the body such as vitamin E, vitamin C, and glutathione.

PHOSPHATIDYLSERINE is the most abundant phospholipid in the human brain. Phosphatidylserine promotes cell-to-cell communication and signal transduction in the central nervous system. It gives a sense of well-being and improves attention, verbal fluency, and memory.