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Vitalmedix 2 ounce

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Product Description

Vitalmedix 2 fl oz

VitalMedix is a synergistic blend of extracts made from organically farmed Moringa from small farms in Zimbabwe, and Samento bark from the Peruvian rainforest. Moringa leaf is the most nutritious part of the plant, offering many vitamins and minerals, along with iron and protein. These leaves have been used for many centuries to help support immune health and overall vitality. Our Samento extract is made from a rare pentacyclic chemotype of cat's claw and acts like a thermostat to help the body self-regulate an overactive or weak immune system. A healthy immune system is key to overall good health.*

Product Info

Serving Size: 30 Drop

Servings Per Container: 40

Amount Per Serving
Proprietary Blend:1.5 ml
Moringa oleifera leaf extract
Uncaria tomentosa bark extract (Pentacyclic chemotype)

Other Ingredients:

mineral water, ethanol (20-24%)

Suggested Use

Shake well before each use. Take 30 minutes before meals:

  • Moderate support: 20 drops twice daily.
  • Maximum support: 30 drops twice daily.

Dosing may also be directed by your physician. Put drops in 4oz (120mL) of water and wait one minute before drinking.


Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Stop use if adverse reactions develop. Keep out of reach of children.