If there's a company that's proven its trustworthiness, it's Optimox. This company has been around for decades, always aspiring to change the health and lifestyle of consumers through its innovative products.

Their supplements and tablets help in so many areas of life with an emphasis on basic minerals discovered from the beginning - iodine is one of the most notable minerals. Optimox supplies several different types of supplements to the public at an affordable price.

So, Who is Optimox?

Optimox was founded in 1978 by Dr. Guy Abraham. As a result of his studies in chemistry, biochemistry, and nutrition he stumbled upon a great need for public health. The consumer needed nutritional support to live the best life. He studied mineral makeup, like iodine, gold, silver, and magnesium to fully understand their properties and how they affect the human body.

While his main medical field was gynecology, he published many papers on nutrition and nutritional aspects of vitamins and minerals. For many decades now, Dr. Abraham's solutions have been used with great success. Not only do they help with immediate issues, but they also contribute to a daily regimen alongside the healthy living.

The Optimox Mission

The mission of Optimox is to provide the best possible supplements and products tried and tested for the public. The company strives to catch all imperfections, contaminations, and outdated materials that could possibly pass-through inspection. With their double-down efforts, Optimox produces a stellar product with very few imperfections.

Quality and Safety of Optimox products

Quality is the main objective of Optimox products. Only pure raw materials are used in the manufacture of each tablet and each supplement. Quality control is so strict that every stage of creation is monitored closely- Optimox employees inspect the raw materials as they are acquired, then make sure the manufacturing of supplements, even packaging and storing of the products happens in a safe environment.

The products are manufactured to comply with the Dietary Supplement Current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and maintain FDA regulations of 21 CFR part 111 as well. Optimox goes even further by utilizing a wide variety of procedures such as strict process control, and correct packaging of the finished product only after inspection of all labels. Accountability and distribution are also considered as part of quality assurance.

Optimox sticks with what they know, as they've used the same manufacturers to produce their products for many years. Manufacturing equipment such as the automatic bottling line process is routinely inspected for any issues. The equipment has automatic metal detection and weight verification. This keeps the product contaminant-free and filled with a pre-set count of supplements in each bottle.

Optimox also uses third-party laboratories to test its products. The supplements are tested for purity, identity, and potency by laboratories such as MicroQuality Labs, Eurofins, and Venture Labs.

Ingredients Found in Optimox Products

Raw materials of the best quality are used to produce the Optimox line of products. Here are a few mentionable ingredients.

  • Iodine
  • Magnesium
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Natural berry flavors and colors
  • Iron
  • Vitamin B-12

Best Selling Products by Optimox

All Optimox products are quality solutions. However, some of them seem to be more popular than the rest. A few common ones are worth mentioning.

Iodoral 50 - This product is simple and yet, a priority for those who lack a healthy iodine count, or iodine intake. The supplements are easy to use but should be discontinued if there's a sensitivity to iodine, or if the supplement causes any minor side effects. Only take this product after consulting with a physician.

Mag 200 - Optimox Mag 200 provides additional magnesium to help the body utilize and absorb calcium. Keeping calcium out of the soft tissues, such as the kidneys and the liver. It also helps transfer nutrients of food to energy for activities. Potassium is the only mineral that's more abundant than Magnesium. When Magnesium is low, it makes a huge difference in a person's health.

ATP Cofactor - These tablets contain a potent mixture of vitamins B-2 and B-3, along with Riboflavin and Niacin - it's also a simple product with few ingredients. This product helps to complete your daily nutritional program, but it doesn't use calcium. Instead, it implements Magnesium.

Gynovite Plus - Again, utilizing magnesium over calcium, Gynaovite Plus helps alleviate symptoms of postmenopausal issues. It also provides various nutrients the body needs and strengthens the bones in the process. This tablet can be used daily as part of a health plan.

Androvite - The product provides all the nutrients for men's health. Along with healthy eating, exercise, and a daily dose of Androvite, men can live a happy productive lifestyle. As with any of the other products in this list, seek the advice of a physician before starting the tablet.

Optivite P.M.T. - This product is specially formulated to help with many premenstrual issues in women. Those issues include cramping, bloating, and even mood disturbances during this time. Consult a physician before purchasing this product.

Additional Notes

  • Recent results from quality control tests can be found at the bottom of the Optimox website.
  • Optimox demands the highest quality products for its customers.