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Zhi Gan Cao Teapills 200 teapills

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Product Description

Plum Flower Zhi Gan Cao Teapills Zhi Gan Cao Wan

What Zhi Gan Cao Teapills is Best For

Zhi Gan Cao Teapills may be use for the following:
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia

TCM Function

  • Tonifies the Qi
  • Nourishes Yin and Blood
  • Promotes Circulation of Heart Yang
  • Calms the Shen

How Zhi Gan Cao Teapills Works

Zhi Gan Cao Teapills by Plum Flower is a Chinese herbal formula is used for deficiency of qi, yin, blood, and yang.

Zhi Gan Cao Teapills Serving Size

8 pills, 3 times day.

Zhi Gan Cao Teapills Ingredients

Rehmannia glutinosa root-raw, Glycyrrhiza uralensis root-prep, Ophiopogon japonicus tuber, Cinnamomum cassia twig, Zingiber officinale rhizome-fresh, Ziziphus jujuba fruit, Panax ginseng root, Equus asinus gelatin. - Sheng di huang, Zhi gan cao, Mai men dong, Gui zhi, Sheng jiang, Da zao, Ren shen, E jiao.
Contains gluten and soy.

Zhi Gan Cao Teapills Side Effects

Use with caution during pregnancy. Use with caution in Yin deficient patients with deficiency heat. Use with caution in Spleen deficient patients with a tendency to loose stools, diarrhea, poor appetite or chronic digestive weakness.

Zhi Gan Cao Teapills Where to Buy

Zhi Gan Cao Tang Teapills product is available only from licensed healthcare professionals. Buy Zhi Gan Cao Tang Teapills Online here at or our clinic.