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Premier Multi-Vitamin 120 capsules

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Product Description

Multi-Vitamin, Premier

Dietary Supplement

120 Plant-Source Capsules

Immune Priming, Brain, Cardiovascular and Whole Body Support

  • Plant-based, organic ingredients
  • Probiotically fermented nutrients
  • Prebiotics and postbiotics
  • Preferred coenzyme forms of vitamin B12

Premier Multi-Vitamin is a complete, vegetarian/vegan vitamin and mineral blend offering a broad-spectrum profile of potent and pure naturally occurring phytonutrients to support the ideal cell resonance of the body's organs and glands.

Revision Number: R1.0

  • No Added Stearates
  • Plant-Source Capsules
  • Violite Bottle
  • Gluten Free
  • GMO Free
  • Soy Free


Supplement Facts

Serving Size 4 Capsules
Servings Per Container 30

  • Calories 5
  • Total Carbohydrate 1 g
  • Vitamin A (as natural beta-carotene, from Organic Plant Matrix) 50 mcg RAE
  • Vitamin C (natural ascorbic acid, from Organic Plant Matrix) 70 mg
  • Vitamin D3 (as vegan, lichen-derived cholecalciferol) 32.5 mcg (1,300 IU)
  • Vitamin E (as natural tocopherol acetate, from Organic Plant Matrix) 2 mg
  • Vitamin K (as natural phytomenadione and natural menaquinone-7, extracted from Bacillus subtilis) 90 mcg
  • Thiamine (natural Vitamin B1, from Organic Plant Matrix) 2.4 mg
  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2 as natural riboflavin) 2.4 mg
  • Niacin (Vitamin B3 as natural nicotinic acid and niacinamide) 17.1 mg
  • Vitamin B6 (as natural pyridoxine, from Organic Plant Matrix) 4.4 mg
  • Folate (naturally-sourced folic acid) 700 mcg DFE (420 mcg folic acid)
  • Vitamin B12 (as natural methylcobalamin, adenosylcobalamin from bacterial fermentation, from Organic Plant Matrix) 20 mcg
  • Biotin (naturally derived from Organic Plant Matrix) 32 mcg
  • Pantothenic Acid (naturally derived from Organic Plant Matrix) 5.3 mg
  • Iron (naturally derived from Organic Plant Matrix) 2 mg
  • Magnesium (from Ancient Peat Extract) 10 mg
  • Zinc (naturally derived from Organic Plant Matrix) 3 mg
  • Selenium (naturally derived from Organic Plant Matrix) 130 mcg
  • Copper (naturally derived from Organic Plant Matrix) 0.8 mg
  • Manganese (naturally derived from Organic Plant Matrix) 0.5 mg
  • Chromium (naturally derived from Organic Plant Matrix) 190 mcg
  • Molybdenum (naturally derived from Organic Plant Matrix) 4 mcg
  • Sodium (from Ancient Peat Extract) 20 mg
  • Organic Plant Matrix
    • Organic Holy Basil (leaf), Organic Amla (fruit), Organic Lemon (peel, fruit), Organic Carrot (root),, Organic Sesbania (flower, leaf), Organic Shiitake (fruiting body), Organic Curry (leaf) (Murraya koenigii),, Organic Spinach (leaf), Organic Moringa (leaf) (Moringa oleifera), Organic Guava (leaf), Organic Beet (root),, Organic Green Tea (leaf), Organic Annatto (seed), Organic Basil (leaf), Organic Parsley (leaf), Organic Black Mustard (seed), Organic Lichen (thallus)
  • Immune Primer 140 mg
    • Garlic Extract (bulb) (Allium sativum) (Standardized to Minimum 1% Allicin), Reishi (fruiting body) (Ganoderma lucidum)
  • Organic Fermented Greens PhytoBlend 140 mg
    • Organic Fermented Barley Grass, Organic Fermented Kale (leaf), Organic Fermented Oat Grass, Organic Fermented Chlorella (whole; broken cell wall) (Chlorella sorokiniana) , Organic Fermented Alfalfa (herb), Organic Fermented Cilantro (leaf), Organic Fermented Spinach (leaf) (Spinacia oleracea)
  • Ancient Peat Extract (Ancient plant minerals, 39+ trace minerals) 125 mg
  • Organic MCT Oil Extract 40 mg

Other Ingredients: Plant-Source Capsules (cellulose, water), Organic Jasmine Rice Bran, Organic Coconut Milk/Sap

Extract, From Organic Plant Matrix
Contains: Coconut (tree nut)

Recommended Usage

Take 4 capsules daily or as directed by a health professional.



Premier Multi-Vitamin has been formulated to deliver to you a fully plant-based, synthetic-free multivitamin for daily use with top use nutrients. This product is a complete, high potency, vegetarian vitamin and mineral blend offering a broad spectrum profile of potent and pure naturally occurring phytonutrients to support the ideal cell resonance of the
body's organs and glands.

This gluten-free plant blend has been scientifically formulated to be 100% complete with all the key essential organic compounds including 39+ trace minerals necessary for optimal physiological functions of the body.

This live-source, vegan-friendly product is purposely made without synthetics to cover all the body's bases: Immune Primers, Energy Drivers, Cognition Factors, pH Minerals and more to transform your life so you achieve your optimal health and vitality!* More

Premier Multi-Vitamin is manufactured without non-nutritive or compromising additives such as unwanted chemical additives, questionable preservatives, synthetic flowing agents, stearate based binders, glue-like resins and other common undesirable tagalongs.

When natural-source nutrients are of "premier quality" (i.e. exquisitely well grown and without undesirable tagalongs), then the cell may be able to adequately absorb both physical nutrients as well as the nutrient's resonant frequencies, allowing the cell to function at its optimal frequency.

Garlic Extract (Allicin), Reishi (Beta glucan), Vitamin C,** Vitamin D,** Zinc,** Selenium,** B Vitamins*

Exciting research demonstrates that a comprehensive strategy that administers specific immune-potentiating botanicals can clinically prime the body's natural defense mechanisms during stressful periods when immune specific concerns are present.

Recent studies confirm that vitamin D helps modulate the inflammatory response of an already healthy immune system during times of stress.* In addition, ensuring that vitamin D levels are adequate may be critically important to help activate immune cells in order to promote a healthy immune response.

Garlic may promote critical responses of the innate immune system and also plays an essential role in the adaptive immune response during times of stress.

Studies have shown that consuming specific mushroom compounds, such as the unique immune compound, beta glucans, supports immune function and also generally promotes the maturation and activation of both the innate and adaptive immune systems.

Vitamin C helps modulate the immune cells' healthy inflammatory response by actively transporting vitamin C into cells during times of stress.

Zinc interacts with cellular ligands to support internal cell signaling, an important component to both innate and adaptive immunity.

B Vitamins play important roles in nearly all of the body's functional systems.* Some of the wide-reaching supportive roles of B vitamins include the health of the nervous system, support for liver, skin and hair as well as maintaining muscle tone in the gastrointestinal tract.* A sufficient level of B vitamin intake is essential to maintain adequate immune
system health, energy metabolism, mood balance, hormone synthesis, hemoglobin formation and proper nerve cell impulse transmissions.

Plant-Source B Vitamins (two preferred forms of B12), MCT, and Fulvic Acid

It is the coenzymes of vitamin B12, as methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin, that synergize with other B vitamins to support DNA and red blood cell health.* Through a series of biochemical reactions with homocysteine, these coenzyme factors of vitamin B12 are not only important to energy metabolism but are critical to the methionine synthase pathway, supporting healthy homocysteine metabolism and S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe) production.

In this era of "more is more," many tasks can vie for your attention and pull you in different directions all too often. An overly busy lifestyle can actually be at the core of some health concerns. During these times, your body's capacity to adapt may be reduced. Adopting healthy lifestyle choices for the management of occasional stress as well as the use of premier quality nutrients can be an essential step to optimize adrenal gland function.

B Vitamins,** Minerals,** Vitamin D,** Vitamin E,** Vitamin A and Vitamin C

Scientifically formulated to provide advanced brain factors to target cerebral performance and maintain cognitive health.* In this "explosion of information" era, it's easy to feel that your brain is sometimes saturated with too much daily input. To keep your brain and memory in top shape, now you can nourish your brain and memory health potential with premier quality nutrients.

**= From Plant Sources

Vitamin D3 / Vitamin K2,** Minerals,** and B Vitamins**

This comprehensive formula has been clinically designed with premier vitamin and mineral nutrients to promote healthy bones, joint function and connective tissue.

Natural aging often affects the bones and joints and is common in older populations.

Like all living tissue in your body, your bones and joints need high quality nutrients to perform their best. In addition to a nutrient-dense diet and regular exercise, we also recommend taking outstanding bone/joint nutrients to achieve the active life you deserve.

Fulvic Acid and Minerals from Ancient Peat Extract, Fermented Greens

This multi-mineral masterpiece is the culmination of legendary, plant-source minerals scientifically designed to yield over 39 trace minerals making it ideal to promote the body's beneficial alkaline pH.

To achieve optimal health, it is critical to establish and maintain an ideal body tissue pH (as reflected by a first morning urine pH between 6.4 to 7.0). Without regular intake of highly bio-available minerals, maintaining an ideal alkaline pH is impossible.

**= From Plant Sources

B Vitamins,** Trace Minerals and Selenium

Advanced nutrients, clinically designed with active compounds, may selectively support a balanced state of calm mood and emotional balance during times of stress and anxiety.*

Following a nutrient-dense dietary plan in addition to consuming optimal "mood and emotion" nutrients can be a powerful strategy that can help transform a pperson's mood and emotional balance.

Vitamin K1 from blend & Vitamin K2/MK7,** Vitamin D,** Iron, Garlic Extract, B Vitamins

New studies have presented powerful evidence revealing that optimal concentrations of these nutraceutical agents are effective in directly supporting cardiovascular and heart health.*
Heart health, including the cardiovascular system, is one of the greatest overall concerns in the United States as well as worldwide. The key to maintaining optimal heart health is upholding the body's nutrient bank with a wide spectrum of nourishing blood factors renowned to maintain cardiovascular health.

**= From Plant Sources

B Vitamins,** Garlic (detoxification) and Selenium

Clinically targeting the liver with potent botanical compounds and antioxidant properties helps promote liver function to optimize the body's overall health.*
Unfortunately, today's environment exposes the liver to a wide variety of toxins and pollutants. To keep the body's processing systems humming in exceptional shape, the wise choice is to assist its daily cleansing efforts with targeted hepato-supportive nutrients.

Prebiotics & Postbiotics (Prebiotics from Rice Bran** & Postbiotics from Fermented Greens**)

This multivitamin product is a spectacular nutritional industry first providing a convenient gluten-free, fermented plant blend with prebiotic and postbiotic activity. "Postbiotics" is a term that refers to the vast array of metabolic byproducts produced from probiotic bacteria that have enormous biologic activity in the gut and thus, influence many of your body's vital functions.*

Research shows that probiotic-produced postbiotic compounds play impressively important roles in regulating and maintaining the body's healthy internal microbiome.* Postbiotic metabolites are the biochemical flux that initiate thousands of chemical reactions in every one of your cells throughout the body.

**= From Plant Sources


Premier Multi-Vitamin is a complete, full spectrum multi-vitamin/mineral daily formula that features two, broad-spectrum, 100% plant-based blends that are derived from USDA-certified organic plants, then standardized with natural, plant-based bio-enhancers.

Our team of scientists at PRL perform an extensive panel of laboratory testing on all raw materials used in this product which meets and often exceeds the FDA's requirements. Before production even begins, we first authenticate the botanical identities to help exclude raw materials that may have been adulterated with the wrong species or other look-alike herbs. Our scientists complete an in-depth phytoforensic screening where we inspect for undesirable inorganic materials such as herbicides and pesticides. These vitamin and mineral-rich complexes have been developed without the use of chemicals, undesired excipients or carriers.

This blend contains standardized forms of nutrients that are carefully processed to keep the vitamin in their natural form, without compromising the activity and co-nutrient value of each. As a result, this process is able to help concentrate and standardize a wholefood/nutrient complexes of vitamins and minerals in natural forms. These body-friendly forms allow the body to easily recognize, metabolize, and absorb the nutrients. Our advanced laboratory techniques are used to achieve desirable standardized forms, unlike other vitamin products which have been highly purified and altered from their natural state or are even entirely synthetic.

Our PRL Quality Guarantee ensures that Premier Multi-Vitamin meets FDA requirements for identity, purity, strength, and composition. In addition, the raw materials are tested for contaminants such as heavy metals (including arsenic, mercury, cadmium and lead), residual solvents in extracts and pathogenic microbiology.

Our premier quality nutrients have no added non-nutritive or compromising additives such as unwanted chemical additives, questionable preservatives, synthetic flowing agents, stearate-based binders, glue-like resins, and other common undesirable tagalongs.

This formula, as well as all PRL products, are manufactured to avoid the use of highly questionable excipients such as magnesium stearate (including vegetable stearate).

Although compromising excipients and lubricants are often used in products to assist production machinery to run faster and cheaper, these undesirable agents typically end up in the product that you will be consuming.

PRL does NOT believe in compromising the quality of our products with the use of these undesirable processing agents.


Vitamin C: 100% plant-source vitamin C, no added synthetic ascorbic acid. Derived from selected botanical agents that naturally contain vitamin C. Vitamin C offers premier antioxidant power with natural free radical quenching activity for optimal immune support.

B Vitamins: 100% plant-source B vitamins, no added synthetics. Includes fully activated B vitamins that are present in their biologically blood circulating forms.

Vitamin D3 & K2: 100% plant-source vitamins, no animal byproducts. Vitamin D3 is provided in the clinically established dosage of 1,300 IUs with 90 mcg. of vitamin K2 as menaquione-7 (called MK-7). It has been previously established that vitamin D is critically important in helping to maintain healthy bones and to support the immune system.* However, recently, significant scientific research reveals that vitamin D3 and K2 together operate in synergy to promote bone mineralization and regulate calcium deposits in vascular tissue.* This is regarded as a breakthrough discovery essential for those who need advanced cardiovascular and bone support.

Vitamin E: 100% Plant-source vitamin E, NonGMO. This natural tocopherol acetate form delivers a rich source of antioxidants to promote comprehensive, whole-body fatty acid protection from protein and lipid peroxidation.

Iron: 100% Plant-source iron derived from organic curry extract; not an inorganic rock form of iron (such as ferrous fumarate, which may be problematic). Iron is an essential mineral found in the large amounts in blood cells; it is critical for the production of many enzymes, cell growth and healthy red blood cells.*

Magnesium: 100% Plant-source magnesium; an important mineral that supports a wide range of functions in the body, including heart health,
bone and teeth mineralization, a healthy alkaline body pH balance and serves as a building block for cell membranes.* Magnesium functions as a co-factor in hundreds of complex enzyme systems in the body.* In addition, magnesium helps in the utilization of vitamin B complex and vitamins A and C.

Zinc: 100% Plant-derived zinc; offers critical micro-nutrient support for hundreds of enzymes that facilitate metabolic processes in the body.* Zinc interacts with cellular ligands to support cell signaling, an important component to both innate and adaptive immunity.

Selenium: 100% Plant-derived selenium; not a highly problematic, synthetic form. This mineral is an essential cofactor of glutathione and a critical antioxidant that carries out its biological effects through its metabolism into selenoproteins. Selenoproteins regulate reactive oxygen species (ROS) and redox status in nearly all tissues, thus strongly supporting a healthy inflammatory and immune response.

Copper: 100% Plant-derived copper; an essential nutrient that contributes to many important functions of the body.*

Manganese: 100% plant-derived manganese; a micromineral that is important for brain and CNS function, collagen and bone support.*

Chromium: 100% Plant-source chromium; works closely with insulin to regulate blood sugar levels.*

Molybdenum: 100% plant-source molybdenum; a micromineral that is essential to the metabolism of purines, pyrimidines, pteridines and aldehydes.*

Sodium: 100% plant-source sodium; a macromineral that is necessary to electrolyte regulation for nerve transmissions and muscle contractions.

Iodine: 100% plant-source iodine; a micromineralnecessary for the synthesis of thyroid hormones.


Nobel Prize laureate Albert Szent-Gyrgyi once stated, "We live by a small trickle of electricity from the sun." The human body essentially acts as a living battery continually absorbing energized photons from the immediate atmosphere and from food. The miracle of photosynthesis transforms the sun's light frequencies into green plants, trees, grasses and herbs which when consumed, are able to release nutrients and multiple light frequencies into the cells of the body. In addition, as humans, we can directly absorb light energies from the sun into the cells of our bodies.

As one scientist aptly noted: "Humans are light eaters." Premier quality nourishment must accomplish two tasks:

1) It must allow assimilation of the full spectrum of this light bioenergy throughout all the cells of the body.

2) It must couple this light bio-energy with living nutrients that can be rapidly absorbed and assimilated into the cells of our bodies.

Is it possible that many multi-vitamin products on the market are simply devoid of this amazing "light" bio-energy concentration due to the use of synthetics, undesirable excipients, or the fact that their vitamins are highly heated, which can obliterate the beneficial effect of natural phytonutrient compounds?