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Urgent Less 60 capsules

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Priority One Vitamins Urgent Less

Don't let bladder frequency interrupt your day, Priority One's Urgent-Less is an ideal natural support for healthy bladder and prostate maintenance.

Urgent-LessTM features the patented ingredient Go-Less. Go-Less is a combination of two natural ingredients, pumpkin seed (EFLA 940) and non GMO SoyLife, soy germ (EFLA 940) 40% isoflavone. Urgent-LessTM also provides the proprietary supportive ingredients buchu leaf, rehmannia root and cinnamon bark. This synergistic formulation is an ideal natural support for healthy bladder and prostate maintenance.

Pumpkin seed (EFLA 940) is a water-soluble extract that contains the complete spectrum of polar and semi-polar constituents. The proprietary EFLA HyperPure production process ensures highly selective removal of the fat-soluble components from the extract, providing increased stability and solubility. An In-vivo study of pumpkin seed (EFLA 940) effectively reduced in-bladder pressure and urinary frequency.

SoyLife (EFLA 940) is a GMO free ingredient rich in daidzein (the most active constituent of soy) and other bioactive phytonutrients. It is manufactured exclusively from the soy germ which contains the highest natural levels of isoflavones. In addition soy germ is a rich source of bioactive phytonutrients that work synergistically with the isoflavones to provide multiple health benefits. Soy isoflavones act as phytoestrogens and can have a positive effect on balanced hormone health.